A Progress Report

My creativity
Seems to happen in spurts
When the words won’t flow
It really does hurt

Two thousand fifteen
Did not go so well
It was like I was living
In a bad spell

I got stuck in the first draft
I got stuck on the plot
I got stuck on characters
I got stuck a lot

But two thousand sixteen?
With the words flowing fast
I sit down to write
And have fun! It’s a blast!

So Unexpected
May actually get written
Of this latest creative spell
I am indeed smitten

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Betty’s Lament

Betty the cat’s got
An internal alarm
Which she insists
Is greatly harmed

When we switch the clock
And lose Daylight Savings
Her stomach however
For dinner is craving

A whole hour before
I will let her eat
Resisting her pleas-
It is quite a feat

Forget what the clock says
Betty’s tummy cares not
She meows and meows
Cindy, why have you forgot?

It’s five o’clock somewhere
So feed me my dinner
Lest I become
More upset and way thinner

I’ll waste clear away
If the clock you obey
What must I do
For your resolve to be swayed?

But finally I feed her
What joy, what relief!
For Betty then stops
Meowing her grief

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Five Spot – The Kindle Scout Campaign

I’ve entered my latest
Into something called Scout
It’s a contest for authors
Where we jump up and shout
“Choose my book, choose my book!
Please give it some clout!”
Below is the link
On my nomination route
I vow if I don’t win
I’ll try not to pout

So please give it a click
And my excerpt please read
If you nominate me
And if I succeed
You’ll get Five Spot for free
After the contest’s complete
A gift on your Kindle
Oh boy! What a treat!
But ‘til mid-September
We’re on the edge of our seat

Alas, we must wait
Until the voting is through
Only then will we have
Any hint, any clue
On Five Spot’s success
In this contest so new
Either way, I give thanks
Where they are due
I’d be nowhere at all
Without, dear reader, you!


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Somewhere recently
I have learned
That too much dairy
Should make me concerned

But in my coffee
I like milk a lot
So I went to the store
And a substitute bought

Coconut milk
It’s just not the same
Compared with cow’s milk
It tastes pretty lame

But I’m trying to keep
An open mind
Next time I’ll try
The vanilla-flavored kind

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The Voice of Jessie: Round One Done!

One Cue Ball done
Three more to go
As with most stuff
The process is slow
Thought you’d be curious
So am letting you know
Playing With Poison
Now on audio!

The Voice Of Jessie
Wait ‘til you hear
Several auditioned
Then she appeared
Caroline Miller-
Definitely top tier
I heard her do Jessie
And dismissed all my fears

Rye, Candy, Karen
And so many more
You’ll love Geez Louise
Even Jimmy’s got allure
Caroline has skills
And great talent galore
A treat for your ears
Now is in store!

Playing With Poison on Audio is available at Amazon, of course!

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My Own Little Personal Hell

The internet ringy-dingy
That little circle thingy

That spins round and round
‘Til what I clicked on is found

Waiting for it to work
I sit, and steam, and lurk

While the circle spins fast
I ponder the past

When the circle spins slow
I hit an all-time low

It drives me bonkers-crazy
When the internet’s this lazy

The connection should be strong
What is taking it this long?

After I’m in a perfect rage
It finally finds the page

But what I was looking for
Might now be historical lore

More megabytes I do need
To pick up internet speed

But really what are the odds
This will satisfy internet gods?

Will they ever fix my DSL?
This, my personal internet hell.

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The Twittering Blues of a Twittering Fool

My time lately I have been frittering
Because I spend it all on twittering

Tweeting I guess is the proper word
At first I found it rather absurd

But it ‘s a hoot and a blast, and now I like it
So much so that I can’t seem to quit

My novel needs writing and there’s dishes to do
Just one more tweet I say, and then I’ll be through

And don’t get me started on my follower quest
I’ll reach 10,000, and then maybe rest

140 characters to say something new
Yep. I’m addicted, I admit it, it’s true

@cbmysteries is the handle I’m using
Come on by if followers you’re choosing

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A Techno-Quandry

How did this happen?
I do not know
But computers they come
And computers they go

A pink one, a grey one,
And also two black
For useless computers
Our home does not lack

or the memory is lacking
What to do with them?
Our brains we are wracking

They all work
But not well enough
They accomplish some,
But not all of our stuff

And wires and cables?
Don’t let me begin
Boxes full of this junk
I simply can’t win

What’s good and what’s trash
Do not ask me
Get rid of it all!
To hubby I plea

But easier said
and harder it’s done
since tossing what’s important
wouldn’t be fun

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High Definition Decadence

Trust me, a forty-seven inch television
Has never been my dream or vision

But lo and behold , it’s what we just bought
When we went shopping and a TV we sought

The bigger the better somehow became our motto
We looked at the options and all logic went blotto

Luckily hubby re-gained his senses today
Since installing this monster was no child’s play

But now for the super bowl we are quite prepared
And of a large-screen TV we are no longer scared

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Funny Definition of Fun

Front matter, back matter
As we put my books in print

My brain begins to feel like
It is full of lint

Hubby is the patient one
He reminds me of a saint

He sits for hours pondering details
And does so without complaint

What about back cover content, he asks
The color of quotes and blurbs?

He shows me the thousands of choices
And I try not to think it’s absurd

But we finally get it together
He told me it could be done

My book is going to look perfect
And delirious hubby will say it was fun

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