Spring Already, Spring

I like my wool sweaters
Really I do
But by this time of year
You’d think I’d be through

Record cold temps
The weatherman tells me
So of my wool sweaters
I’m not yet set free

I have cotton blouses
And tee-shirts galore
Shucking the heavy stuff
That’s what spring’s for

Grey, beiges, and blacks
I’m so sick of these hues
I’m ready for paisley,
Pinks, and bright blues

Daffodils have blossomed
Robins have appeared
But I’m still wearing wool
Sorry, but that’s weird

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Biker’s Delight

For vacation I do like
To find a place where I can bike

But biking conditions, I expect a lot
Since tons of strength I do not got

I like mountains, but not for biking
If you ask me, they’re meant for hiking

Forget about traffic, it makes me sad
Give me a bike path, and I am glad

And may this bike path go through woods
Cuz pretty scenery makes me feel good

As the saying goes, put the wind behind me
If it’s too blustery, I’m apt to get stymied

Speaking of weather, I don’t like chilly
That’s as bad as being too hilly

One of my favorite spots is off the Georgia coast
For biking vacations I like Jekyll Island the most!

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A Winter’s Lament

Cold weather stinks
That’s what me thinks

A chill in the air
And Cindy don’t pair

Of sweaters and mittens
I am not too smittens

Scarves and heavy coats
Mean sneezes and sore throats

I bundle up and layer the wool
Drink hot tea until I’m full

Even so I can’t get warm
So being cold becomes the norm

I come from up north
But this I put forth

Birds fly south for a reason
They, too, hate the winter season

So when it begins to snow
Southward I will try to go

I hope you believe this
I’d rather be sleeveless

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A Blog About Fog

For my poem for my blog
I will write about fog

It rolled in last night
Quite a magical sight

Hubby went to sleep
But watch I did keep

Out the window I looked
‘Cuz on fog I am hooked

The street light’s eerie aura
I myself could not ignora

On my imagination’s insistence
I gazed off into the distance

All misty and gray
The fog lingered til day

Darn! But now it’s lifting
And my mood it is shifting

Less dreamy and hazy
I can no longer be lazy

A bright sunny day forecasted
The fog was fun while it lasted

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