Bah Humbug

When Christmas approaches
The stores I avoid
Shopping-crazed crowds
Just make me annoyed

The Christmas tree hassle
I also don’t do
It takes too much space
And when you are through

All that undecorating
Needs to be done
Sorry, but I do not
Consider that fun

But before you decide
I’m a Scrooge through and through
One Christmas tradition
Each year thrills me anew

I like to take drives
To see Christmas lights
All the houses so happy
Now that’s a delight

I especially like families
Who go over the top
Like they started one day
And just couldn’t stop

I don’t try anything
Nearly so glorious
My balcony lights
Are not too uproarious

Just a simple statement
That I hope makes folks glad
And come undecorating day
I don’t have to be sad

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No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree

This time of year
A sight common to see
Some people love
To put up a tree
The holiday spirit
Fills them with glee
Decorating their house

From bottom to top
Some enthusiasts
Don’t like to stop
They fill every corner
With green and red glop

To all that clutter
Silver bells and mistletoe
Some say yes
But I say no, no
At Christmas my house
Has little to show

I’m not such a scrooge
Oh, what the heck
I scattered colored lights
All over the deck
And inside you’ll find
A few Santa specks

Hubby helped hang
A wreath on the door
Betty the cat likes her
Santa toy on the floor
And my gargoyles are garlanded
Who really needs more?

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Whimsical Wednesday – BAD, BAD, BAD EBENEZER

Whimsical Wednesdays With Friends is back! And today’s fearless and multi-talented guest poet is my friend and fellow writer, Paula Benson. For the fourth year, Paula and collaborators John Henry and Frank Fusco wrote an original musical for their church’s drama ministry. This year’s production, “Once Upon a Christmastime,” was adapted from “A Christmas Carol.” The opening number was a take off on “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” The picture from the production is by Rob Sprankle.

Take it away, Paula…

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
Nobody likes him
And you wouldn’t either!
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He only cares about his wealth.

SCROOGE (speaks):
I’m bad and don’t forget it.
I’m bad and don’t regret it.

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
Don’t know whether
He’s more rat or weasel
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He gets his money all by stealth.

SCROOGE (speaks):
I’m bad and don’t forget it.
I’m bad and don’t regret it.

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He grabs for money
Like a mad old geezer.
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He’s always mean about . . .
He always schemes about . . .
And then, he dreams about his wealth!

Lyrics and Music by Paula G. Benson
A Christmas Musical based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Copyright 2012 by the St. Paul’s Players,
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
Used by permission by the copyright owner.

All Further Rights Reserved