Greetings From the Hollow Galaxy

Talk about shaking things up!

CBMysteries is doing just that, because Cindy Blackburn has decided to write…science fiction! That’s right. Cindy’s latest frolic into the lighthearted and certainly not to be taken seriously literary realm is science fiction! But never fear. We here at CBMysteries KNOW you expect, demand, and deserve great humor, lovable characters, pitch-perfect dialogue, and quirky circumstances galore, and we guarantee you will get it ALL. But you must join us in outer space! In the Hollow Galaxy to be exact.

“How?” you ask. “What?” you say. “Who, huh, where?”

Please, let us explain. Those of you who are familiar with Cindy Blackburn’s Cassie Baxter Mysteries Series (and if you are not familiar, we wonder what you’re waiting for) Now, where were we? Oh, yes. Science fiction and Cassie Baxter. Recall that Cassie Baxter’s father, Bobby Baxter, writes seriously silly sci fi stories. Well, Cindy Blackburn—clever author that she is—has fleshed out those stories of Bobby’s, and trust us when we tell you the whole Hollow Galaxy has a whole lot to offer!

And HOW we are delivering these sci fi stories is also a bit of a shake up. It’s called Kindle Vella, folks, and it’s a new platform on Amazon for serialized, episodic fiction. Kindle Vella is simply THE perfect format for delivering the adventures of Chance Dooley and Evadeen Deyo. So, please—open up your heart and mind and sense of humor and let’s see where the Spaceship StarSpree takes us! Here’s the scoop:

Greetings From the Hollow Galaxy

Chance Dooley is the best pilot in the whole Hollow Galaxy–just ask him. But when Chance invites ace mechanic Evadeen Deyo aboard the Spaceship StarSpree to fix his turbo thrust propulsion pistons, he has no idea where things will lead. Buckle up and fly along for some retro-future fun as the Hollow Galaxy’s most dynamic duo sets out for parts unknown! Think Dr. Seuss meets Star Trek, with a little romance tossed in there, too.

Stay safe and well. 

Cindy Blackburn

The Cue Ball Mysteries, Playing With Poison, Double Shot, Three Odd Balls, Four PlayFive Spot, and Six Easy Pockets are all available on Amazon.

And here are the Cassie Baxter Mysteries – one for each season! Unbelievable, Unexpected, Undisclosed, and the newest release Unlikely, are all available on Amazon.

Here are the basics on Unlikely:

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the lake has finally thawed, spring has finally sprung, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go nuts when an innocent birdwatching outing with her young son uncovers an abandoned canoe? A canoe. Way, way up on Elizabeth Mountain. Unlikely? Oh, yeah. Especially since Cassie has a history of finding—troublesome—canoes. And speaking of troublesome, Cassie’s father has a new girlfriend. An—unlikely—girlfriend. In fact, unlikely romances are sprouting up all around the lake this spring. There’s Pru’s, and Maxine’s, and Lindsey’s and—And do any of these budding romances have a bearing on the murder? Have we mentioned the murder? We did say that unlikely canoe could only mean trouble, right?

And if you haven’t been keeping up with the Cue Balls, here’s the scoop on Jessie’s latest adventure, Six Easy Pockets.

Pool shark Jessie Hewitt likes to call the shots, but apparently her two best friends didn’t get that memo. Jessie’s sure that Candy Poppe has taken up with the wrong man. And Karen Sembler? She’s been kidnapped! Jessie’s no-nonsense husband, Wilson Rye the cop guy, suggests she leave the crime-solving to the experts and the love lives to those involved. Does Jessie listen? Take a guess.

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Full Disclosure for Undisclosed

I’ve been writing
Slow but steady
And here it is!
My next book’s ready!

It’s the third Cassie Baxter
Which is set at Lake Bess
And in case you are wondering
Cassie’s life is a mess!

Oh yeah, there’s a gala
But there’s also a skull
Cuz everyone knows
Cassie’s life’s seldom dull

Especially right now
Since it’s Santa Claus season
But back to that skull
There must be a reason

It was left in her house
For little Truman to find
Oh yes, this new mystery
Isn’t your everyday grind

Of course Joe has a role
As do Bambi and Bobby
And all who make driving Cassie nuts
Their regular routine hobby

You’ll laugh quite a lot!
It’s a jolly good read!
And here is the title
So listen, take heed

It’s called Undisclosed
Why not buy it right away?
Cuz Cassie Baxter’s antics
Will brighten your day!

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