Full Disclosure for Undisclosed

I’ve been writing
Slow but steady
And here it is!
My next book’s ready!

It’s the third Cassie Baxter
Which is set at Lake Bess
And in case you are wondering
Cassie’s life is a mess!

Oh yeah, there’s a gala
But there’s also a skull
Cuz everyone knows
Cassie’s life’s seldom dull

Especially right now
Since it’s Santa Claus season
But back to that skull
There must be a reason

It was left in her house
For little Truman to find
Oh yes, this new mystery
Isn’t your everyday grind

Of course Joe has a role
As do Bambi and Bobby
And all who make driving Cassie nuts
Their regular routine hobby

You’ll laugh quite a lot!
It’s a jolly good read!
And here is the title
So listen, take heed

It’s called Undisclosed
Why not buy it right away?
Cuz Cassie Baxter’s antics
Will brighten your day!

All Rights Reserved

Get Well Soon

When hubby’s rundown
In bed and sick
I always wonder
What is the trick?

What should I do?
I’m a terrible nurse
In this piece of wifedom
He couldn’t get worse

Should we go to the doc?
Is it really that serious?
What is the temperature
When he might get delirious?

Eat chicken soup
And drink lots of tea
If you need more than that
Don’t look at me

Call your mother, I say
She’ll know what’s best
If you’re sick another day
I’ll need a rest

Lucky for us
He’s a real healthy guy
Otherwise my nursing skills
Might make him cry

All Rights Reserved

Whimsical Wednesday with Jim Jackson

Whimsical Wednesdays With Friends Welcomes Jim Jackson

Whether you got A’s in math or F’s you are in for a treat! The fabulous Jim Jackson, author of the amazing Seamus McCree Mysteries and mathematician extraordinaire, is also a world class poet! Take it away Jim…

Whimsical Math

Let’s talk numbers, you and me.
Six: it’s as perfect as perfect can be.
Take its divisors: one, two, and three,
Add them together: six again. See?

Can you find the next one all on your own?
No fair cheating: Googling on your phone.
No rolling your eyes and letting out a groan.
Here’s a hint: weight in pounds of exactly two stone!

A stone equals fourteen pounds, multiply by two,
Gives you twenty-eight; let’s see if it’s true.
One, two, four, seven, fourteen make up our queue.
Twenty-eight is their sum; perfect numbers, adieu.

Are you up for a math trick designed just for you?
Multiply the first digit of your age by five –please do!
Now add three to that sum and multiply the total by two.
Check your work carefully to avoid a boo-boo.

Time to please add your last digit into the mix.
Remember that perfect number – the first one, you know, six?
Subtract it from the total and your age should appear.
But really, you don’t look a day over twenty-one, my dear.

Just in case my math did not translate well,
I’ll do it myself, just so you can tell,
If the trick really works without a headache.
Here’s the arithmetic I would have to make:

Sixty-five is my age, so multiplying six by five
Equals thirty. Plus three is the next piece of jive.
That sum times two is sixty-six, to which I add five
For seventy-one. Now less six and <poof>, sixty-five!

Here’s a trick with number reversals you might know.
I’ll give an example to help you follow the steps below.
Take any three digits zero to nine
And reverse them in order to make our design.

So 567 becomes 765; no need to curse.
Subtract the smaller from the larger: 198 in this verse.
Now reverse that number (981) and add them just so:
I guarantee the result is 1,089. What do you know?

An asterisk is needed to make the rules clear.
Leading zeros are necessary to include, I fear.
Start with 028 and the formula will steer
You to 1,089, if to the rules you adhere.

028 from 820 (its reverse, do you see?)
Yields 792. Add 297 and 1,089 it will be.
If the difference in numbers is less than one hundred
The leading zero is needed (in case you wondered).

For example, 574 reversed gives you 475.
The difference (99) needs the zero to survive.
Reversed it’s 990, now add them together.
Once again 1,089. We’re rolling in heather!

I see your eyes glazing, so I’ll stop this whimsy.
I know the rhymes were forced, and the rhythm was flimsy,
But admit in the comments if you were entertained.
Or tell me if you think this whole thing was harebrained.

Published with Permission of the Author
All Further Rights Reserved

James M. Jackson (Jim) authors a series featuring the financial crimes expert Seamus McCree. ANT FARM (2015), a prequel to BAD POLICY (2013) and CABIN FEVER (2014), won a Kindle Scout nomination. BAD POLICY won the Evan Marshall Fiction Makeover Contest whose criteria were the freshness and commerciality of the story and quality of the writing. Jim has also published an acclaimed book on contract bridge, ONE TRICK AT A TIME: How to start winning at bridge, as well as numerous short stories and essays.

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, Jim earned a BS in Mathematics and an MBA concentrating in finance. His work would have bored most people, but he’s always enjoyed the playful side of numbers and language as his poem today demonstrates.

To find out more about Jim, his writing and how to contact him, check out his website http://jamesmjackson.com

So what do you think, folks? Jim really is a world class poet, huh? When I invited my fellow Kindle Scout winner to guest on my little old blog I had NO idea. I’m sure you enjoyed the rhymes and the number games as much as I did. If so, please leave Jim a message below, and by all means, buy the man’s books!! And I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, Thank You, Jim!

Whimsical Wednesday: Betty’s Soul Mate by Penny

So Penny Hibshman has a new poem in response to our cat Betty.  Thanks Penny!

Betty has a soul mate
Her name is Abigail
Her internal clock
Is never known to fail.

To say that she is portly
Is truly being kind
For if she thought she’d lost a pound
She’d find it close behind.

She has a way of walking
That has to be a fluke
When you’re watching from behind
You’d swear she was “The Duke”.

She’ll waddle to the kitchen
Belly hanging low
When she makes a sudden stop
It wobbles to and fro.

When she thinks she’s getting fed
She gets so stimulated
I’ve never seen a whirling top
so well emulated.

She really does enjoy her food
She fussy on the timing
The fact she isn’t twice as big
Is really quite surprising

Fall back and then spring forward
you’ve heard the little rhyme
to help you with untimely woes
in daylight savings time.

That extra hour is handy
running late and in a crunch
But Abby’s only worry is
the lateness of her lunch.

Published with Permission of the Author
All Further Rights Reserved

Neat-Nick Not

I hate clutter,
Filth, and disarray
In fact, I’m a neat-nick
My hubby would say

But when it comes to tidiness
My standard is double
My house might be spotless
But my car’s full of rubble

The poor thing gets washed
Once a year if it’s lucky
And the inside is worse
In a word, downright mucky

When I can’t find the pedals
I gather the trash
But more often than that
Would be rather rash

My houseguests will find
Everything in its place
But in my car their feet
Will fight trash for some space.

All Rights Reserved

Unbelievable – The Debut

Unbelievable is the title
Of my latest endeavor
If you read it I think
You’ll find it real clever

As the cover implies
It takes place at a lake
Where Cassie Baxter’s reputation
Is what is at stake

The dogs on the dock
Are part of the plot
I’m guessing even cat-people
Will like them a lot

There’s a mad scientist
And an author of sci fi stories
But Unbelievable is a cozy
So I promise, nothing gory

Of course it’s a mystery
And the culprit will get caught
But to find out how
Unbelievable must be bought.

All rights reserved

Available at Amazon

Double Shot The Poem

Ninety-nine cents
Is a very nice price
With a sale like this
You needn’t think twice

A Cue Ball Mystery–
Double Shot’s number two
You’ll laugh quite a lot
Before you are through

To say it’s serious,
Educational, edifying
Would be a stretch
And I’d be lying

But if you are seeking
A read for the beach
I advise you have Double Shot
Within easy reach

A cozy mystery
With a car-chase to boot
You’ll love Jessie’s mother
Tessie’s a hoot!

Of course, Jessie the pool shark
Takes center stage
And Wilson Rye’s
On most every page

A cop named Sass
And a poodle called Puddles
Are just two of the issues
To give Jessie troubles

Because, of course
She must solve a crime
Wilson actually asks
For her help this time

And about Jessie’s past
You will learn a lot
So why not click here?
And read Double Shot

All Rights Reserved

p.s. the 99 cent sale ended Wednesday 7/23/14!

Having a Say in Four Play

My beta readers
Are patient sorts
They’re reading my book
I await their reports

As much as I can
I revise and re-do
Beta readers get a look
When I think I am through

They read quite closely
They look for all flaws
And when they criticize
It gives me great pause

If something bores them
They let me know
I take the book back
And give it another go

Sticklers for detail
Grammarians they are
Without them my writing
Would set folks ajar

Intimidated not
They eat typos for lunch
Ah yes, I adore them
My beta reader bunch

Thanks to John, Kathy, Megan
Sharon and Jean
Better beta readers
The world has not seen!

All Rights Reserved

ABNA Quarter Finalist!

March has been a good month for The Cue Ball Mysteries! In case you haven’t noticed it elsewhere in this silly website, Playing With Poison is now a Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Also, all three Cue Ball Mysteries are doing well on Amazon’s “cozy mystery” and “humor” bestseller lists. Being nestled amongst Janet Evanovich, Dave Barry, and Douglas Adams in the “humor” list feels very, very fine indeed! Jessie’s sipping champagne, and so is her creator!

Blog Tour: Cue Ball Mysteries

Road Trip!

Well, sort of, anyway. I’m embarking on my very first blog tour. The fabulous Bella over at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews is my travel agent, and she’s arranged a whole week of Cindy Blackburn and the Cue Ball Mysteries on the web. I’ll be stopping at the following places this week, so please come by and leave a comment or two. Traveling alone is no fun.

Monday, February 4 – Lily Pond Reads
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Wednesday, February 6 – Read Your Writes Book Reviews
Thursday, February 7 – Saph’s Book Blog
Friday, February 8 – Tess Tipton at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews
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