Whimsical Wednesday – Betty Builds a Better Mousetrap

I always knew my cat Betty was whimsical. But a poet, too? She shocked me yesterday when she tapped out this ditty, her very own Ode to Halloween. She hopes it puts fear into the hearts of rodents everywhere…

Betty Builds a Better Mousetrap

Building a better mousetrap?
I’m your gal!
When mice venture near me
I give them hell

This here’s my costume
I love Halloween
When mice venture near me
I make them scream

Mice don’t scream
Is that what you say?
But when mice venture near me
They do rue the day

My vet is having a costume contest
Six-months’ flea care’s the prize
So my people made me this costume
And I tried it on for size

But I do not need
No costume such as this
Cuz’ when mice venture near me
I go hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss

That’s not the worst of it
For those nasty creatures
Cuz’ when mice venture near me
They learn my other features

That’s claws and teeth
And a quick-stepping bounce
When mice venture near me
I promise I’ll pounce!

Used by permission of the cat.
All further rights Reserved

Writer’s Block Begone!

I never put much stock
In that thing called writer’s block

At my computer I would sit
And down to business I would git

In no time whatsoever
I wrote paragraphs so clever

Chapter after chapter
Until the happily ever after

But lately, what can I say?
My busy life gets in the way

My creative juices seem spent
I wonder where they went

But determined I remain
Since it’s writing that keeps me sane

I will get busy tomorrow
And the words are bound to follow

At my keyboard I will tappity-tap-tap
And I won’t be writing crap

A new novel I will beget
It’s destined to be my best yet!

  All Rights Reserved

Whimsical Wednesday: On Friendship

My whimsical guest today is the fantastic mystery author Polly Iyer! Take it away Polly…


When Webster wrote his dictionary,
and Roget wrote his Thesaurus,
they had in mind to educate,
in a way so’s not to bore us.

They wrote on Music, Art and Beauty,
each harder to define,
on Hate and Joy and Motherhood,
on Thou and Bread and Wine.

The definition so hard for me,
and one I can’t defend,
is how they tend to miss the point,
when describing what’s a friend.

The meaning of that simple word,
they wrote more than one way.
but I’ve my own description
to relay without delay.

A friend is tried and true of heart,
a platonic kind of love.
One who takes you as you are,
and who you’d fart in front of.

All Rights Reserved

Polly Iyer

When Cindy asked me for a poem, I thought back to one I wrote a while back. I’ve been blessed to have many friends and even more blessed to have those friendships span decades. My book Murder Déjà vu has, of course, a murder and a mystery, but it also has a deep friendship―one that is forged between two men in prison. Though my poem is on the light side, the friendship in the book is made of darker stuff. How much would you sacrifice for a friend? Would you give your life? Would you take one?

Polly Iyer is the author of four mystery/suspense novels on Amazon: HOOKED, InSight, MIND GAMES, AND MURDER DÉJÀ VU.

You can read more about her books on her website at http://PollyIyer.com


Never Fear, Poetry’s Here

Writing a poem makes some folks a-feared
But really it isn’t all that terribly weird

If at first the words don’t rhyme
Take a deep breath and take your time

The right phrase will hit you when you least expect
And your creation will have the perfect effect

You’ll be proud of your poem, trust me on this
Because rhyming words brings happiness and bliss

So give it a try, what is there to lose?
Silly poetry wards away the blues

No, really! It’s better and safer than drugs
Composing a poem’s like getting warm hugs

So if you decide to try and you’re game
Drop me a line and await glowing fame

You can find out how by hitting the “Contact” button
And you’ll soon be rhyming words like a poetry glutton!

All Rights Reserved

PWP reviews

Good news, good news, and more good news (And a little bragging, too)

Happy to report the great reviews for Playing With Poison are pouring (okay, dribbling) in. If you’d like to read what the critics are saying please check out the links below:

First off, Bella at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews is going over the top helping me to promote Playing With Poison.  She gave it a great review.  She then proceeded to announce a contest to promote the book with a chance to win a $15 gift card.  Then CMBR named Playing With Poison as one of Agatha’s Purrfect pick of the month.

Find another great review at:
Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and More

And even more good news, Double Shot is now available on Amazon! Why not hop on over and order your copy right this very minute?

Last but not least, Jessie’s cat Snowflake has become a celebrity blogger. She’s already blogged at the Cozy Mystery Book Reviews and here’s that llink.

And after her afternoon nap, Snowflake’s going to tackle another guest blog for Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries and More.

Betty the Inventor

And on a completely different note: My own cat Betty is tired of all the attention Jessie’s cat Snowflake is getting, so Betty decided to enter a Halloween costume contest at her vet. Here’s the pic. We call it “Betty Builds a Better Mouse Trap,” and we’re hopeful she’ll be the winner!





Whimisical Wednesday: Armchair Hellraiser

A poet published in Romania? Now that’s downright zania! But it’s also true! This week’s guest poet Andy Flatt once published his poetry in Romania. Like last week’s Andy, this Andy is also a Brit. Don’t ask me what it is with guys named Andy from the UK who enjoy silly poetry, but I’m not complaining. Here’s Andy’ bio and his totally awesome, amusing and charming poem. Thanks, Andy!

Armchair Hellraiser

I want to be a hellraiser,
And party till the dawn.
Make curtains twitch when I come home,
And neighbours look with scorn.

I want to paint the town red,
And spend the night carousing.
Drinking endless tequila shots,
Whilst madly rebel rousing.

But I am pushing sixty,
And I can’t hold my drink.
Just one beer and I feel queer.
And throw up in the sink.

The last time I went on the town,
With my red pot of paint.
After an hour in a noisy club,
I really felt quite faint.

So I will sit in my armchair,
And have a snooze instead
I’ll dream of being a hellraiser
It’s safer in my head.

©Andy Flatt2012
Used With Permission

I live with my two rescue Greyhounds, Jazz and Layla, in the county of Kent, which is known as the garden of England. Currently I am working as a home tutor, working with children of all ages to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.  In my spare time, when I am not spending quality time with the greyhounds or indulging in my passion for Argentine Tango, I write poetry, for both adults and children, which I find extremely enjoyable.  My poems have featured in several publications and I hope to publish my first collection in the near future.

My favourite poets, which range from the sublime to the ridiculous, include Andrew Marvell, Robert Frost and Spike Milligan. I write poetry on whatever subject takes my fancy and, while it is not exactly profound, I hope it makes people smile.




Funny Definition of Fun

Front matter, back matter
As we put my books in print

My brain begins to feel like
It is full of lint

Hubby is the patient one
He reminds me of a saint

He sits for hours pondering details
And does so without complaint

What about back cover content, he asks
The color of quotes and blurbs?

He shows me the thousands of choices
And I try not to think it’s absurd

But we finally get it together
He told me it could be done

My book is going to look perfect
And delirious hubby will say it was fun

All Rights Reserved

Whimsical Wednesday: Toothache

A silly poem on a Wednesday? Can it possibly be true? Yep, folks, I’m launching a spot for guest poets on Wednesdays. Let’s call it “Whimsical Wednesdays With Friends.”

Today I have the pleasure of introducing my first guest, and he comes to us all the way from the UK! Andy Daniels is a new friend of mine from the Poets Group in LinkedIn. I have a feeling Andy is a much more serious poet than I. He’s even working on publishing a book of his poetry on Booksmart. But bless his heart, Andy also appreciates the sillier stuff and graciously composed the following especially for our reading enjoyment. Take it away, Andy…


Sensitive teeth
And sleepless nights
Never feels right
Dental appointment I’d delayed
But this time just had to be made

Sensitive teeth
Bleeding gums
Definitely no fun
So with a slight nervous twitch
Went to visit the dentist

Sensitive teeth
So miserable
Too uncomfortable
Had no choice so off I went
To tolerate dental treatment

Sensitive teeth
Myself to blame
Gave me so much pain
Dentist said “Now open wide.”
And did so with dented pride

Andy J Daniels 5/10/12
Used by permission
(All rights reserved)


The Best Things in Life

These are the words that fill me with glee:
It’s free!

The Charleston Art Walk is one such occasion
They offer us art, oreos and oblations
And it’s free!

Walking around town is another possibility
Gives my middle-aged waistline its needed stability
And it’s free!

The public library is marvelous indeed
Lots of fun programs and good stuff to read
And it’s free!

Listening to the cat purr does marvelous wonders
Aligns all the cosmos that tend to go asunder
And it’s free!

Can you think of others? I’d like to know
Add them to the comments and watch the freebies grow