Make Room for Betty

You would think
That by now I’d learn
That in bed
When I toss and turn

Every toss gives
The cat more space
At every turn
She does replace

Where my legs were
Under the covers
With her own bulk
If she had her druthers

One tiny small spot
I’d be given
Betty the cat says
Now that’s livin’!

A queen-sized bed
Lets me stretch way, way out
But my poor human
Does tend to pout

She insists that she get
At least half of the bed
What silly ideas
Cindy gets in her head!

So she actually moves me
And I’m forced to share
And Cindy insists
That this is fair!

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Cindy Come Home

She does not like it
Betty the cat
When I go away
And she’s babysat

She hisses and fights
And puts up a stink
This cat hates me is what
These poor people think

They feed her and tell her
All kinds of nice stuff
But whatever they do
It is never enough

Betty prefers that I
Stay put at home
I hear she’s a pill
When from home I roam

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Betty’s Morning Routine

In the morning when I’m still in bed
Betty the Cat sits down on my head
Thus telling me she wants to be fed

And if I keep sleeping and show little care
Betty the Cat starts licking my hair
In our breakfast time struggles she thinks this is fair

The hair-thing to me seems weird, indeed
But Betty the Cat does have her needs
And so I get up and dish out her feed

All Rights Reserved

Betty the Inventor

And on a completely different note: My own cat Betty is tired of all the attention Jessie’s cat Snowflake is getting, so Betty decided to enter a Halloween costume contest at her vet. Here’s the pic. We call it “Betty Builds a Better Mouse Trap,” and we’re hopeful she’ll be the winner!