My Own Little Personal Hell

The internet ringy-dingy
That little circle thingy

That spins round and round
‘Til what I clicked on is found

Waiting for it to work
I sit, and steam, and lurk

While the circle spins fast
I ponder the past

When the circle spins slow
I hit an all-time low

It drives me bonkers-crazy
When the internet’s this lazy

The connection should be strong
What is taking it this long?

After I’m in a perfect rage
It finally finds the page

But what I was looking for
Might now be historical lore

More megabytes I do need
To pick up internet speed

But really what are the odds
This will satisfy internet gods?

Will they ever fix my DSL?
This, my personal internet hell.

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New Loon Soon

The loons that live upon the lake
Try their best to babies make

They wait ‘til June and build a nest
They pick a spot they think is best

Taking turns they sit thereon
Two eggs tops, but likely one

They did the same this time last year
It didn’t work, Oh dear, Oh dear!

Let’s hope this time they do succeed
Since loons, my favorite waterfowl breed

Look and sound marvelous upon the lake
Parents and a baby would happy me make

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Goldilock’s Choice

Cottage, shack, or mansion
The choice is hard to make
But given my own druthers
A cottage I would take

Mansions big and roomy
With closet space galore
But me? I’d often wonder
What is all this stuff for?

A shack, the size is perfect
But the furniture’s a mess
Where the junk did come from
Is anybody’s guess

As Goldilocks would say
A cottage is just right
Sunny and cheery by day
And cozy and comfy at night

The furnishings not too shabby
But also nothing chic
Clean, and tidy, uncluttered
The kind of place I seek

A veggie garden and flowers
In pinks, and yellows, and blues
A rocking chair on the porch
Overlooking the lovely views

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Time Flies


It happens every time, I say
One hour tops, but not all day

Plant one plant, and two or three seeds
Oh, but now look at all those weeds!

So I weed, and I’ll mulch right now
Else next time I will need a plow

Deadhead that flower, and that one, too
Oh, and look at what all blooms anew!

Now where was I? Finding shears for pruning
Indeed, there’s always something needs doing

And thus another day has passed
I’ve spent in the garden. It won’t be my last.

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