The Manicure News Blues

My nails are seldom
A Beautiful sight
But in gardening season
They’re rather a fright

I start out in gloves
But that never works
Bare fingers prove better
To dig in the dirt

Mud-caked and chipped
And forget about polished
A week’s worth of planting
Means ten nails demolished

They get clean eventually
And grow out again
I brush on new polish
They’re okay, but then

Look! Over there
Some weeds are now growing
About that new manicure?
Guaranteed, I’ll be blowing

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Spring Already, Spring

I like my wool sweaters
Really I do
But by this time of year
You’d think I’d be through

Record cold temps
The weatherman tells me
So of my wool sweaters
I’m not yet set free

I have cotton blouses
And tee-shirts galore
Shucking the heavy stuff
That’s what spring’s for

Grey, beiges, and blacks
I’m so sick of these hues
I’m ready for paisley,
Pinks, and bright blues

Daffodils have blossomed
Robins have appeared
But I’m still wearing wool
Sorry, but that’s weird

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Rock People Rock

Every year
I dig in the dirt
I wear old jeans
And a raggedy shirt

With enough water
This I do know
The flowers will bloom
The garden will grow

As much as the plants
I like other stuff
And of pretty rocks
I can’t get enough

Some folks like snowmen
But that’s not for me
I build rock people
As you can see

They stand in my garden
They like it a lot
And last time I counted
Fifteen I have got

Some are big
Some are small
Some are short
And some are tall

They offer some whimsy
To my garden décor
Visitors laugh at them
They’re a big hit, for sure

With a bad storm
They can tumble down
But of this hazard
They never do frown

Unlike Humpty Dumpty
Rock people are resilient
I re-build and re-balance
If I do say so—brilliant!

So this here is my
Garden population
I really do like
My rock people nation

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Spring in the South

Of spring flowers
I love the most
Are the ones
As white as ghosts

Daffodils pop up
So bright and cheering
Their yellows and golds
Tell me spring is nearing

And tulips vivid
In colors like red
I like seeing them
In long flowing beds

Azaleas bloom
In purples and pinks
But the white are the nicest
That’s what me thinks

And set underneath
Some dogwoods in bloom
Makes my heart go
Pitter-patter, ka-boom

Springtime white flowers
So downright ethereal
Thank you for giving me
This week’s poetry material

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Prickly But Pleasing

I asked what my poem
Should be on today
And Hubby had this
About that to say

Our indoor garden
Is growing quite well
The cacti especially
Are doing most swell

We have several choices
All rather small
My goal is to get one
That’s bigger and tall

Their shapes and their spikes
All look so funny
They prefer the west windows
Where it’s brightest and sunny

I like all the pricklies
That say Do Not Touch
An occasional watering
They don’t ask for much

This little guy
Is putting out shoots
I assume he is happy
Way down to his roots

Oh yes, our cacti
We like quite a lots
And so we give them
Our prettiest pots

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Time Flies


It happens every time, I say
One hour tops, but not all day

Plant one plant, and two or three seeds
Oh, but now look at all those weeds!

So I weed, and I’ll mulch right now
Else next time I will need a plow

Deadhead that flower, and that one, too
Oh, and look at what all blooms anew!

Now where was I? Finding shears for pruning
Indeed, there’s always something needs doing

And thus another day has passed
I’ve spent in the garden. It won’t be my last.

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Green Thumb, Here I Come

Hip, hip hooray
Our indoor garden begins today

For a long time, we’ve wanted one
And in our new place, we have lots of sun

Some cactus plants is how we will start
We want easy, since we’re not very smart

Cacti like dry and lots of neglect
To novices like us, that means perfect

Cast Iron plants we also will use
Because, you guessed it, they thrive on abuse

We might try some stuff a bit more fragile
But probably not for a very long while

We have lots of pots and other things we need
And with a little luck, our plants might succeed.

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