Pillow Talk

I require precise
Pillow proportions
Or else my neck
Goes into contorions

Pillows too flat
They make me sad
Pillows too fat
They make me mad

Don’t ask me to sleep
On pillows too lumpy
In case you’re not sure
They make me grumpy

Not too squooshy
Is also required
But if a pillow’s too hard
It also gets fired

I’m very particular
What goes under my head
When I put on my pj’s
And climb into bed
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Betty’s Morning Routine

In the morning when I’m still in bed
Betty the Cat sits down on my head
Thus telling me she wants to be fed

And if I keep sleeping and show little care
Betty the Cat starts licking my hair
In our breakfast time struggles she thinks this is fair

The hair-thing to me seems weird, indeed
But Betty the Cat does have her needs
And so I get up and dish out her feed

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The Bedless Blues

Moved yesterday, and the bed
Has yet to arrive
So we’re sleeping on a futon mattress
I think we will survive

I may be a little crazy
Okay, so make that a lot
But I kinda like sleeping on the floor
It’s like camping, but then it’s not

Betty the cat likes it also
She is purring next to me
As long as she’s got a soft blanket
That is all she needs

Hubby’s a little bigger than us
This morning he says he is sore
His hip fell off the edge last night
For a mattress he needs a bit more

The bed arrives tomorrow
Tables, and chairs, and a couch
We’ll settle in more normally then
And Hubby can stop saying ouch.

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