A Blog About Fog

For my poem for my blog
I will write about fog

It rolled in last night
Quite a magical sight

Hubby went to sleep
But watch I did keep

Out the window I looked
‘Cuz on fog I am hooked

The street light’s eerie aura
I myself could not ignora

On my imagination’s insistence
I gazed off into the distance

All misty and gray
The fog lingered til day

Darn! But now it’s lifting
And my mood it is shifting

Less dreamy and hazy
I can no longer be lazy

A bright sunny day forecasted
The fog was fun while it lasted

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A Techno-Quandry

How did this happen?
I do not know
But computers they come
And computers they go

A pink one, a grey one,
And also two black
For useless computers
Our home does not lack

or the memory is lacking
What to do with them?
Our brains we are wracking

They all work
But not well enough
They accomplish some,
But not all of our stuff

And wires and cables?
Don’t let me begin
Boxes full of this junk
I simply can’t win

What’s good and what’s trash
Do not ask me
Get rid of it all!
To hubby I plea

But easier said
and harder it’s done
since tossing what’s important
wouldn’t be fun

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Fun: Vermont Style

When the dead of winter comes each year
In a little town I hold so dear
Folks decide there is a reason
To take a plunge and make themselves freezin’

With the temp so low and the lake so frozen
I myself would not have chosen
To do something so bold
As to take a dip in the cold

But my friends in V. T.
Are much different than me
They think it’s nice
To cut a hole in the ice

They raise funds and divide into teams
And on the big day everyone screams
As one by one, into the lake they go
The heck with the temp, and the ice, and the snow!

And for their efforts what do they get?
Besides freezing cold and thoroughly wet?
Food for the food bank and cash for good causes
I think they deserve many claps and applauses.

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Polar Splash

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Blog Tour: Cue Ball Mysteries

Road Trip!

Well, sort of, anyway. I’m embarking on my very first blog tour. The fabulous Bella over at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews is my travel agent, and she’s arranged a whole week of Cindy Blackburn and the Cue Ball Mysteries on the web. I’ll be stopping at the following places this week, so please come by and leave a comment or two. Traveling alone is no fun.

Monday, February 4 – Lily Pond Reads
Tuesday, February 5 – Melina the Reader
Wednesday, February 6 – Read Your Writes Book Reviews
Thursday, February 7 – Saph’s Book Blog
Friday, February 8 – Tess Tipton at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews
Saturday, February 9 – Brooke Blogs
Sunday, February 10 – Cozy Up With Kathy

High Definition Decadence

Trust me, a forty-seven inch television
Has never been my dream or vision

But lo and behold , it’s what we just bought
When we went shopping and a TV we sought

The bigger the better somehow became our motto
We looked at the options and all logic went blotto

Luckily hubby re-gained his senses today
Since installing this monster was no child’s play

But now for the super bowl we are quite prepared
And of a large-screen TV we are no longer scared

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