The Dreaded Blurb

I can write a poem
And include a rhyme
Or produce a novel
If given the time

But ask me to
Compose a blurb
Discuss my book
In a few short words

Keep it simple
And make it pithy
So potential readers
See how it’s spiffy

Oh, how I wish
The task were so easy
But this dreaded job
Makes me quite queasy

I feel like saying
Just read the book
Then I won’t have to
Write you a hook

But instead I brainstorm
Over syntax I fret
And after 200 tries
A blurb I’ll beget

All Rights Reserved

Shameless Self-Promotion

At times it seemed
Most inconceivable
But I’m glad to say
That Unbelievable

Is close to done
It’s nearly complete
In case you’ve been waiting
At the edge of your seat

Probably not
But if you are wondering
This series is about
Cassie Baxter’s blundering

She lives with her father
In a house that’s bright green
A quirkier place
You never have seen

The neighbors are nosey
They drive Cassie nuts
She’s a little bit testy
But boy, she has guts

Lake Elizabeth is
The quaint rural setting
You’ll like it a lot
And this I am betting

The dogs and the goats
Will win over your heart
And now I am hoping
You can’t wait to start!

All Rights Reserved

p.s. Unbelievable, the first book in the Cassie Baxter Mysteries series will be available in a few short weeks. Stay tuned, and tell all your friends!

The Cassie Baxter Mysteries: Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water is blue, the mountains are green, and the redhead is dead. And missing. Cassie Baxter must have been nuts to move to this place. She was even nuttier to move in with her father. Finding that redhead wasn’t so brilliant, either. And then losing the body? Truly nuts. Cassie has witnesses, but what a shocker, the goats aren’t talking. On the slim chance that someone, somewhere, someday will believe her, Cassie starts sleuthing. Her annoying father annoys her every step of the way. But the mad scientist next door seems helpful, and Cassie uncovers all kinds of interesting tidbits. Skeletons in closets, ghosts in attics. Everyone in this town has a secret or two. That sexy scientist alone has about a dozen. Figures. But don’t underestimate Cassie Baxter. Size ten trouble on a size five foot, she’ll solve the mystery of the missing redhead. Some unhappy murderer is about to be undone. Unbelievable.


Visions of Final Revisions

Close to last revision
Is now underway
Then my beta readers
Will get a say
About what should go
And what should stay
What to keep
Or take away
Hopefully for most
They’ll say a “Yay”
But I count on them
To offer some “Nays”
I’ll take it back
And on those sections play
Looking forward
To that day
And then I will say
Zippity doo-da
Hip, hip, hooray!

All Rights Reserved

Double Shot The Poem

Ninety-nine cents
Is a very nice price
With a sale like this
You needn’t think twice

A Cue Ball Mystery–
Double Shot’s number two
You’ll laugh quite a lot
Before you are through

To say it’s serious,
Educational, edifying
Would be a stretch
And I’d be lying

But if you are seeking
A read for the beach
I advise you have Double Shot
Within easy reach

A cozy mystery
With a car-chase to boot
You’ll love Jessie’s mother
Tessie’s a hoot!

Of course, Jessie the pool shark
Takes center stage
And Wilson Rye’s
On most every page

A cop named Sass
And a poodle called Puddles
Are just two of the issues
To give Jessie troubles

Because, of course
She must solve a crime
Wilson actually asks
For her help this time

And about Jessie’s past
You will learn a lot
So why not click here?
And read Double Shot

All Rights Reserved

p.s. the 99 cent sale ended Wednesday 7/23/14!

The Cue Ball Mysteries’ Producer: A Tribute

The assistant, the producer
Whatever he’s called
My fantastical hubby
I sincerely applaud

I write my stories
And work out the plots
But hubby? He does
A whole heck of a lots

At all technical issues
I am far from astute
Without help from hubby
My books go capoot

Setting margins and font size
How does this work?
I ask hubby to help me
And with nary a smirk

He takes over my laptop
And while I’m not looking
He fixes all problems
And yep—He also does cooking!

Formatting for kindle
And website design
These skill sets I lack
But my hubby’s refined

And so as I get
My next book self-published
Claiming my self did it
All would be rubbish

I could write all I wanted
But without hubby’s assistance
Only in my dreams
Would my books be existent

All Rights Reserved