The Apple

Sitting here
Feeling tortured
Cuz nothing rhymes
With apple orchard

And apples is
Another word
To rhyme something with
Is hard and absurd

But hubby said
Write today’s ditty
About the orchard we saw
But this ain’t pretty

And so about apples
You’ve learned nothing new
And I’m happy to say
This apple poem’s through

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Never Fear, Poetry’s Here

Writing a poem makes some folks a-feared
But really it isn’t all that terribly weird

If at first the words don’t rhyme
Take a deep breath and take your time

The right phrase will hit you when you least expect
And your creation will have the perfect effect

You’ll be proud of your poem, trust me on this
Because rhyming words brings happiness and bliss

So give it a try, what is there to lose?
Silly poetry wards away the blues

No, really! It’s better and safer than drugs
Composing a poem’s like getting warm hugs

So if you decide to try and you’re game
Drop me a line and await glowing fame

You can find out how by hitting the “Contact” button
And you’ll soon be rhyming words like a poetry glutton!

All Rights Reserved

Hoppy Easter

A holiday weekend and spring is here
The kid in me wants to stand up and cheer

Friday night was Passover at our neighbors’
We drank the fruit of the vine, reclined, and took a rest from our labors

Elijah stayed away despite a clear invite
Oh well, the rest of us had a real pleasant night

Saturday we gardened and watched the Masters
We shopped and we planned so Easter dinner would not be a disaster

Biscuits and ham and Easter lasagna with artichokes
The table decorated with bunnies–they’re right cute little blokes

Church and cooking and mingling with friends
And now it appears our weekend is at an end.

So happy holiday greetings to you all I do hereby send.