The Bedless Blues

Moved yesterday, and the bed
Has yet to arrive
So we’re sleeping on a futon mattress
I think we will survive

I may be a little crazy
Okay, so make that a lot
But I kinda like sleeping on the floor
It’s like camping, but then it’s not

Betty the cat likes it also
She is purring next to me
As long as she’s got a soft blanket
That is all she needs

Hubby’s a little bigger than us
This morning he says he is sore
His hip fell off the edge last night
For a mattress he needs a bit more

The bed arrives tomorrow
Tables, and chairs, and a couch
We’ll settle in more normally then
And Hubby can stop saying ouch.

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Boxing Day

Weirdest Christmas ever
Our Charleston ties we are about to sever
The timing of this is anything but clever

Moving on December twenty-six
A stupider date we could not have pixed
My body and brain will need to be fixed

We’re packing up boxes
With fragiles and sockses
Is this one full of heavy rockes?

What was I thinking?
I swear I had not been drinking
That box over there seems to be clinking

Now the bookshelves are done
That’s one victory won
But packing up the kitchen will not be much fun

Tomorrow we tackle the shed
A chore I truly do dread
And through it all the cat clamors to be fed

Christmas Eve will be the final packing
Arranging thing as we are taping and stacking
The holiday spirit I seem to be lacking

The movers will arrive at nine
I sure hope all will be fine
Moving on Boxing day ought to be a crime

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Whimsical Wednesday – BAD, BAD, BAD EBENEZER

Whimsical Wednesdays With Friends is back! And today’s fearless and multi-talented guest poet is my friend and fellow writer, Paula Benson. For the fourth year, Paula and collaborators John Henry and Frank Fusco wrote an original musical for their church’s drama ministry. This year’s production, “Once Upon a Christmastime,” was adapted from “A Christmas Carol.” The opening number was a take off on “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.” The picture from the production is by Rob Sprankle.

Take it away, Paula…

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
Nobody likes him
And you wouldn’t either!
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He only cares about his wealth.

SCROOGE (speaks):
I’m bad and don’t forget it.
I’m bad and don’t regret it.

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
Don’t know whether
He’s more rat or weasel
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He gets his money all by stealth.

SCROOGE (speaks):
I’m bad and don’t forget it.
I’m bad and don’t regret it.

CROWD (sings):
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He grabs for money
Like a mad old geezer.
Bad, bad, bad Ebenezer
He’s always mean about . . .
He always schemes about . . .
And then, he dreams about his wealth!

Lyrics and Music by Paula G. Benson
A Christmas Musical based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Copyright 2012 by the St. Paul’s Players,
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC
Used by permission by the copyright owner.

All Further Rights Reserved

Chili Unleashed

Hubby made a pot of chili last night
Watching him roast hot peppers is a glorious sight
He did not set fire to anything this time, saving me a fright

I love hubby’s cooking, especially his chili
So hot and spicy, it makes me rather silly
His ingredient list is most definitely NOT willy-nilly

The mad scientist in him comes out in the kitchen
To see what he’ll think of next, I am now a-itchin’
When your hubby likes to cook, there’s no cause for bitchin’

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My Apologies to Otis

I’m not sitting on the dock of the bay
But this will certainly do
I have a ninth-floor hotel room
With a lovely ocean view

I left my home in Carolina
For a weekend in Daytona, F. L.
Hubby has a conference
And tagging along sounded swell

A flock of pelicans just flew by
And the tide is rolling in
I think I’ll rent a bicycle
And take it for a spin

Hours resting my bones
Or walking in the morning sun
Roaming away from home
Can be a lot of fun

But now the weekend’s ending
I remember I cannot stay
I wave goodbye to the pelicans
And the tide is rolling away

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