My Apologies to Otis

I’m not sitting on the dock of the bay
But this will certainly do
I have a ninth-floor hotel room
With a lovely ocean view

I left my home in Carolina
For a weekend in Daytona, F. L.
Hubby has a conference
And tagging along sounded swell

A flock of pelicans just flew by
And the tide is rolling in
I think I’ll rent a bicycle
And take it for a spin

Hours resting my bones
Or walking in the morning sun
Roaming away from home
Can be a lot of fun

But now the weekend’s ending
I remember I cannot stay
I wave goodbye to the pelicans
And the tide is rolling away

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2 thoughts on “My Apologies to Otis

  1. Poem evokes the song, and captures those moments where mood and view perfectly match. The mood is relaxed and lazy, but with a hint of passing time, the transience even of indolence and calm. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks, Alan! I didn’t know my little old poem did all that! If you feel like contributing to this blog, please check under contact for further info!

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