The Veterinarian Blues

Betty the cat
Can be quite a pill
But despite her strong
Feline will

I like her spunk
I love her lots
Until its time
To get her shots

Then we journey
To the vet
Who tells me he
Has never met

A cat so vicious
Mean and fearsome
Her annual visit
Is truly wearisome

Together we watch
Betty hiss and howl
When that gets old
She has this growl

Betty’s a nice cat
I tell the doctor
And he looks at me
Like I’m off my rocker

Since the cat I adore
He never has seen
The cat in his office
Is always so mean

I don’t understand
What makes her so nuts
But Betty sure tells us
No ifs, ands, or buts

That she does not like
The veterinarian
So she prides herself
On being contrarian

We brace ourselves
And get the job done
But the vet never says
“Gee, that was fun!”

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Unbelievable: The Poem

At times it seemed
But I’m here to tell you

Can be ordered
In a jiffy
On Amazon pre-sale
Isn’t that nifty?

So be the first
On your block
To add it to
Your kindle stock

I know it sounds
Way gregarious
But I think you’ll find it
Way hilarious

How Cassie Baxter
Solves the crime
When she takes up sleuthing
For the very first time

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The Cassie Baxter Mysteries: Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water is blue, the mountains are green, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go nuts in a town this size? What possessed Cassie to move in with her father? And why do they have to live next door to a mad scientist? A sexy mad scientist. Does such a thing even exist? And speaking of existing, what happened to the dead redhead? You know, the one Cassie found, and then lost? What’s up with that? Cassie Baxter intends to find out. Read Unbelievable and you will, too.

Unbelievable is available for pre-order today!
Official release date is Friday, November 7. Can’t wait!

Lotion Devotion

Another sign
I’m getting old
The amount of lotion
I’ve been sold

For every purpose
A specific lotion
My bathroom’s full
To overflowing with potion

They’re also found
In my purse and car
Cuz heaven forbid
I try to get far

Without my fix
Of retinol or aloe
To keep my skin
From going all sallow

Without a cream
For hands and feet
My lotion collection
Would not be complete

I have quite a few
In my fight against aging
Cuz on my face
The wrinkles are raging

But more important
Than wrinkle correction
Are those that work
On sunlight protection

Lotions for day
And lotions for night
Lotions to cure
Most every known blight

Lotions at meal time
Lotions after showers
Lotions that promise me
Superhuman powers

So please excuse me
I have lotion to apply
If I don’t do so soon
My skin might get dry

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