Get Well Soon

When hubby’s rundown
In bed and sick
I always wonder
What is the trick?

What should I do?
I’m a terrible nurse
In this piece of wifedom
He couldn’t get worse

Should we go to the doc?
Is it really that serious?
What is the temperature
When he might get delirious?

Eat chicken soup
And drink lots of tea
If you need more than that
Don’t look at me

Call your mother, I say
She’ll know what’s best
If you’re sick another day
I’ll need a rest

Lucky for us
He’s a real healthy guy
Otherwise my nursing skills
Might make him cry

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Wifely Wisdom

Life would be
So much easier
Things would run
So much breezier

If Hubby would
Simply agree
If the man would
Suddenly see

That I’m the one
Who’s always right
Whatever the problem,
Purpose, or plight

Cindy, go figure,
Always knows best
No need to ponder,
Question, or guess

If only he would
Trust me on this
Oh happy day
And marital bliss!

Husbands, perhaps
Might argue this point
Get themselves riled
A bit out of joint

But wives everywhere
Will surely agree
And right now are saying
“Just listen to me!”

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Glad He’s Not One Hundred

For Hubby’s birthday–
He’s turning fifty
I had an idea
I thought kind of nifty

Fifty gifts for him
Given in three days
As we near the end
It’s kind of a haze

His mother is here
And has helped quite a bit
She contributed several
All were a hit

His brothers sent
A nice bottle of wine
My contributions
Weren’t nearly so fine

Some friends and the cat
Got in on the plans
Hubby has lots
Of generous fans

Décor for the garden
And also a teapot
Stuff for the kitchen
Was featured a lot

Most gifts were cheap
And many were silly
But most were of use
Since Hubby hates frilly

If he hits one hundred
Will I try this again?
Oh, sure why not?
Cuz we’re truly insane

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A Poet’s Lament

Hubby is quiet
Most of the time
Except when I
Am trying to rhyme

I compose a poem
Once every week
I aim for jolly
And never bleak

Hubby knows
My Sunday plan
In fact, of my poems
He’s rather a fan

I pick up my pen
To begin the ditty
Aiming for clever
Charming and witty

Hubby gets chatty
The moment I start
I have to tell him
I’m not that smart

I can’t converse
And rhyme together
Talk to me later
About the weather

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The Cue Ball Mysteries’ Producer: A Tribute

The assistant, the producer
Whatever he’s called
My fantastical hubby
I sincerely applaud

I write my stories
And work out the plots
But hubby? He does
A whole heck of a lots

At all technical issues
I am far from astute
Without help from hubby
My books go capoot

Setting margins and font size
How does this work?
I ask hubby to help me
And with nary a smirk

He takes over my laptop
And while I’m not looking
He fixes all problems
And yep—He also does cooking!

Formatting for kindle
And website design
These skill sets I lack
But my hubby’s refined

And so as I get
My next book self-published
Claiming my self did it
All would be rubbish

I could write all I wanted
But without hubby’s assistance
Only in my dreams
Would my books be existent

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Share and Share Alike

Eighteen years and going strong
But in our marriage, no matter how long
There are a few things that hubby and me
Will never be able to concede or agree

On the peanut butter we use with our jelly
We disagree what will go in our belly
Hubby wants his chunky and thick
But give me Skippy or I say ick

And we each use our own separate umbrella
Because hubby is a rather tall fella
If I hold it where it’s good for I
The ribs are apt to poke him in the eye

I’m a Crest gal, I like the gel
But hubby maybe not so well
He like Tom’s brand, not too sweet
So he uses that after he eats

But really we are a pretty good pair
Even though everything we do not share

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Chili Unleashed

Hubby made a pot of chili last night
Watching him roast hot peppers is a glorious sight
He did not set fire to anything this time, saving me a fright

I love hubby’s cooking, especially his chili
So hot and spicy, it makes me rather silly
His ingredient list is most definitely NOT willy-nilly

The mad scientist in him comes out in the kitchen
To see what he’ll think of next, I am now a-itchin’
When your hubby likes to cook, there’s no cause for bitchin’

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