Glad He’s Not One Hundred

For Hubby’s birthday–
He’s turning fifty
I had an idea
I thought kind of nifty

Fifty gifts for him
Given in three days
As we near the end
It’s kind of a haze

His mother is here
And has helped quite a bit
She contributed several
All were a hit

His brothers sent
A nice bottle of wine
My contributions
Weren’t nearly so fine

Some friends and the cat
Got in on the plans
Hubby has lots
Of generous fans

Décor for the garden
And also a teapot
Stuff for the kitchen
Was featured a lot

Most gifts were cheap
And many were silly
But most were of use
Since Hubby hates frilly

If he hits one hundred
Will I try this again?
Oh, sure why not?
Cuz we’re truly insane

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