Whose Muse

This is nothing
But a lame excuse
But blame this week’s stupor
On my difficult muse
Whatever I tried
My muse did refuse
To offer anything that
Might remotely amuse

Here it is, Sunday night
And my poem is really bad
Considering my standards
This is truly sad!
Maybe these next few days
My muse will turn to glad
And what I end up writing
Will somehow turn out rad

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Emmy or Oscar?

I’d love to put Jessie
Onto a screen
Whether TV or silver
Has yet to be seen

I may be biased
But I really do know
The Cue Ball Mysteries
Would make a great show

The characters are quirky
The dialogue snappy
Many LOL moments
To make people happy

A Cue Ball mini-series
Wouldn’t that be neat?
It would keep every viewer
Glued right to their seat

So hey, TV directors
Why not discover me?
This show will win Emmys
Just wait and see

Or if anyone knows anyone
In movie production
I’d give my right arm
For a friendly introduction

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Funny Definition of Fun

Front matter, back matter
As we put my books in print

My brain begins to feel like
It is full of lint

Hubby is the patient one
He reminds me of a saint

He sits for hours pondering details
And does so without complaint

What about back cover content, he asks
The color of quotes and blurbs?

He shows me the thousands of choices
And I try not to think it’s absurd

But we finally get it together
He told me it could be done

My book is going to look perfect
And delirious hubby will say it was fun

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Cueing the Muse

Everyone tells me to blog. Build a web presence, they say. Get your name “out there” so you sell lots of books once you’re published. I might understand the logic, but that doesn’t mean I know what to blog about. My daily existence doesn’t exactly provide a huge, long list of fascinating anecdotes to entertain the masses. That’s why I write fiction—because my real life is dull. On my best days I sit in one spot for hours and hours and pound away at my keyboard, only moving to refill my coffee cup. Boring, boring, boring. I am boring. Everyone tells me to just stop it. Stop being boring, they say, and become interesting, intriguing, and adventuresome. And then blog about it.

Interesting, intriguing and adventuresome? Surely there must be an easier solution. I like being duller than dull, and I’m quite sure I wouldn’t adventure well. So I decide that my blog needs a theme instead. Something that I can think about over coffee and never leave home to pursue. Some interesting concept that will amuse and enlighten my web audience. No matter that I have no web audience. If my theme is good, they will come.

After much deliberation, I have thought of a theme: Cueing the Muse. Stay tuned, you web audience you, and I will elaborate next time.