Biker’s Delight

For vacation I do like
To find a place where I can bike

But biking conditions, I expect a lot
Since tons of strength I do not got

I like mountains, but not for biking
If you ask me, they’re meant for hiking

Forget about traffic, it makes me sad
Give me a bike path, and I am glad

And may this bike path go through woods
Cuz pretty scenery makes me feel good

As the saying goes, put the wind behind me
If it’s too blustery, I’m apt to get stymied

Speaking of weather, I don’t like chilly
That’s as bad as being too hilly

One of my favorite spots is off the Georgia coast
For biking vacations I like Jekyll Island the most!

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Party Hearty

Hosting a party
And they all must be fed
Hubby and I will
Put on a mean spread

Appetizers, desserts
Champagne, beer, and wine
Serve them enough
And all will be fine

Pickled mixed veggies
Is one of our faves
And my guacamole
Always gets raves

I’ll make the biscuits
Hubby cooks ham
Give ‘em something Southern
It’s all in our plan

Water chestnuts in bacon
For something served warm
Forgetting the cheese platter
Would not be good form

Folks with a sweet tooth
Will not be forsaken
Three kinds of cookies
Are all in the makin’

And peanut butter truffles
To add something new
We hope everyone’s happy
When our party is through

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A Cue Ball Mysteries Mug Plug

Pastels, peaches, purples, and pink
This mug is beautiful, this I think
It would even look nice in a kitchen sink
And better yet, with your favorite drink

Look at Hubby, oh-so-smug
With his Cue Ball Mysteries mug
Your coffee, too, longs to be lugged
In such a mug, so here’s the plug

Comment below in the next few days
And if you’re lucky, you might just may
Win a mug, but you must enter to play
If I draw your name, Hip Hip Hooray!

The mug is most handy, as you see here
I use mine for Cue Ball Mysteries gear
It would also make a fine stein for your beer
For usefulness, this mug has no peer

Only twenty exist on earth
In fact, I’d call it a Cue Ball Mysteries mug dearth
So enter to join the fun and the mirth
But this contest is short, with a narrow berth

Contest closes on Saturday, December 21, 2013, at midnight
That’s Eastern Standard Time and it would be a fright
If you forgot to enter, think of your plight
If you lost your chance to have this mug within sight

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Please comment below for a chance to win. I will draw one name on Sunday, December 22, and the lucky winner will get a Cue Ball Mysteries mug of their very own!

Four Play, The Poem

This week I have
Something to shout
My fourth novel Four Play
Is published and out
It took a whole year
And at times I did pout

But now I can smile
Since Four Play is here
Want to know more?
Well, please do not fear
In the fourth Cue Ball Mystery
These issues appear

There’s a murder of course
And Jimmy Beak plays a part
Jessie’d like to get rid of him
It would be a good start
And how does she do that?
Don’t worry, she’s smart

Bad plumbing also
Is a recurring theme
This may sound boring
But it’s not what it seems
It involves sci fi monsters
Who make people scream!

But now I have told you
As much as I plan
So go buy the book, silly
It’s at Amazan
You’ll like it a lot
Please tell all your clan

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A Winter’s Lament

Cold weather stinks
That’s what me thinks

A chill in the air
And Cindy don’t pair

Of sweaters and mittens
I am not too smittens

Scarves and heavy coats
Mean sneezes and sore throats

I bundle up and layer the wool
Drink hot tea until I’m full

Even so I can’t get warm
So being cold becomes the norm

I come from up north
But this I put forth

Birds fly south for a reason
They, too, hate the winter season

So when it begins to snow
Southward I will try to go

I hope you believe this
I’d rather be sleeveless

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