A Cue Ball Mysteries Mug Plug

Pastels, peaches, purples, and pink
This mug is beautiful, this I think
It would even look nice in a kitchen sink
And better yet, with your favorite drink

Look at Hubby, oh-so-smug
With his Cue Ball Mysteries mug
Your coffee, too, longs to be lugged
In such a mug, so here’s the plug

Comment below in the next few days
And if you’re lucky, you might just may
Win a mug, but you must enter to play
If I draw your name, Hip Hip Hooray!

The mug is most handy, as you see here
I use mine for Cue Ball Mysteries gear
It would also make a fine stein for your beer
For usefulness, this mug has no peer

Only twenty exist on earth
In fact, I’d call it a Cue Ball Mysteries mug dearth
So enter to join the fun and the mirth
But this contest is short, with a narrow berth

Contest closes on Saturday, December 21, 2013, at midnight
That’s Eastern Standard Time and it would be a fright
If you forgot to enter, think of your plight
If you lost your chance to have this mug within sight

All Rights Reserved

Please comment below for a chance to win. I will draw one name on Sunday, December 22, and the lucky winner will get a Cue Ball Mysteries mug of their very own!

18 thoughts on “A Cue Ball Mysteries Mug Plug

  1. Love your poems, of course the books too!
    Pick me, pick me. No one better will do. 😉
    We’ll eat, we’ll drink & we’ll be merry,
    Adding champagne or maybe some sherry.
    I’ll cherish this mug like my prized possession.
    It could even become my newest obsession!
    Good luck & have fun with the comments.
    I hope you’ll enjoy all these mini sonnets. =)

  2. I’d love a mug
    For my favorite drink
    To keep it warm
    Whilst I think
    Of the perfect bad poem
    To end the night
    A toast with hot chocolate
    My mug would hold
    Keeping it safe
    From the blustery cold
    Yes, I’ll not use champagne…
    But Jessie might.

  3. Hi Cindy, it is truly awesome that you have 4 books out there. What great memories I have of you living in pacific beach CA. I hope my name gets drawn. Can I enter more than once? lori

  4. Looking for a fun, laugh-out-loud mystery-romance series? Where have you been?! The Cue Ball Mysteries will more than satisfy your quest for entertaining reading. Get busy catching up on all four while Cindy works on another great read. Great entertainment for holidays.

  5. No poetry. No fancy prose. Just a wish to be able to sit back in a comfy chair with a Cue Ball mystery and a lovely mug of tea . . .

  6. Thanks everyone who has commented so far. I did not expect to get poetic responses, but that has been lots of fun. Can’t wait to see what other comments we get! Cindy B.

  7. I couldn’t write a rhyme
    Even if I had the time.

    But I would love to win that Mondo Beutificus Mug.

    And if I don’t win, I’d still like a big batch of book marks to pimp out to my local library branches.

  8. The contest is done
    I hope all had some fun
    Choose a number
    I told hubby in his slumber
    Five he did say
    So Tina this is your day
    Get me your address
    and the mug’s on the way!

  9. This is late”but I loved your book
    Two sentences in I was hooked
    Your character is my age I liked that
    But I have a dog not a cat
    U r talented I will read more
    A 10 is your score
    Xx hug hug
    Can I have a mug. ?
    Lol. Your book was well written,shari

  10. Hi Shari,
    So glad you like the Cue Balls! And you are quite the poet! I’ll send some Cue Ball swag your way if you would like. Just let me know.

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