A Cue Ball Mysteries Mug Plug

Pastels, peaches, purples, and pink
This mug is beautiful, this I think
It would even look nice in a kitchen sink
And better yet, with your favorite drink

Look at Hubby, oh-so-smug
With his Cue Ball Mysteries mug
Your coffee, too, longs to be lugged
In such a mug, so here’s the plug

Comment below in the next few days
And if you’re lucky, you might just may
Win a mug, but you must enter to play
If I draw your name, Hip Hip Hooray!

The mug is most handy, as you see here
I use mine for Cue Ball Mysteries gear
It would also make a fine stein for your beer
For usefulness, this mug has no peer

Only twenty exist on earth
In fact, I’d call it a Cue Ball Mysteries mug dearth
So enter to join the fun and the mirth
But this contest is short, with a narrow berth

Contest closes on Saturday, December 21, 2013, at midnight
That’s Eastern Standard Time and it would be a fright
If you forgot to enter, think of your plight
If you lost your chance to have this mug within sight

All Rights Reserved

Please comment below for a chance to win. I will draw one name on Sunday, December 22, and the lucky winner will get a Cue Ball Mysteries mug of their very own!