Memory Lane

Twenty years have come and have gone
Since my first date with now hubby John

A one-man play is what he did pick
But when the night came that man was sick

A big band concert was happening too
Let’s go there, I said, and do that in lieu

We actually danced, believe it or not
We must have been nervous to give it a shot

Then we had drinks at a bar called Vickery’s
That bar’s now closed, now ancient history

I ordered a Tom Collins, what was I thinking?
Neither of us spend time in bars like that drinking

Women’s figure skating was on TV at the bar
Silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan was that night’s star

Yep, the Winter Olympics were then going on
The night of my first date with now hubby John

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Too Little Too Late

A wedding in Puerto Rico
Would have been fun
By this point in winter
I’d like some more sun

We wanted to see
A cousin get hitched
But due to the weather
That plan got ditched

Flying this weekend
Had been the goal
But we ended up with
All this stupid snow

Winter storms brewed
Snow here and snow there
Flights were cancelled
About everywhere

We got to the airport
And waited and waited
That outfit I packed
Began to get dated

E-ticket in hand
Was still not enough
We still had to check
A bag of our stuff

The security gate hurdle
Was hard to believe
A longer line of people
I could not conceive

Then we ran with our luggage
Not my best skill
We ran really fast
We tried hard, but still

The door had closed
When we got to the gate
We waved at our plane
Two minutes too late

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Fab Four Fiftieth

Some news last week
Took me way back
Memories of these four
I surely do not lack

I was a young child
When they arrived
Sad that right now
Only two have survived

Fifty years ago
The Beatles invaded
I’d give them A plusses
If they were graded

To their songs I danced
With my big sisters
We loved the 45’s
Of the Fab Four misters

Memories of which
Puts a smile on my face
So in my poetic repertoire
The Beatles get a place

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Prickly But Pleasing

I asked what my poem
Should be on today
And Hubby had this
About that to say

Our indoor garden
Is growing quite well
The cacti especially
Are doing most swell

We have several choices
All rather small
My goal is to get one
That’s bigger and tall

Their shapes and their spikes
All look so funny
They prefer the west windows
Where it’s brightest and sunny

I like all the pricklies
That say Do Not Touch
An occasional watering
They don’t ask for much

This little guy
Is putting out shoots
I assume he is happy
Way down to his roots

Oh yes, our cacti
We like quite a lots
And so we give them
Our prettiest pots

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