Too Little Too Late

A wedding in Puerto Rico
Would have been fun
By this point in winter
I’d like some more sun

We wanted to see
A cousin get hitched
But due to the weather
That plan got ditched

Flying this weekend
Had been the goal
But we ended up with
All this stupid snow

Winter storms brewed
Snow here and snow there
Flights were cancelled
About everywhere

We got to the airport
And waited and waited
That outfit I packed
Began to get dated

E-ticket in hand
Was still not enough
We still had to check
A bag of our stuff

The security gate hurdle
Was hard to believe
A longer line of people
I could not conceive

Then we ran with our luggage
Not my best skill
We ran really fast
We tried hard, but still

The door had closed
When we got to the gate
We waved at our plane
Two minutes too late

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2 thoughts on “Too Little Too Late

  1. So sorry – sounds like a “born to lose” experience! It’s great that you can have a sense of humor about it now. Love the line “That outfit I packed, began to get dated!” I laughed out loud!

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