A Snowman’s Saga

Three inches might not
Seem like very much
When it comes to blizzards
And snowstorms and such

But that’s what we got
And it didn’t seem fitting
To stay snug and cozy
Inside and sitting

With our condo parking lot
Blanketed in snow
And so we decided
To give it a go

It’s like riding a bike
We convinced ourselves
And quickly became
Snowman-building elves

He’s not very tall
But cute as can be
He has certain charm
As you yourself see

While taking his picture
We were not alone
Several folks did the same
Before he was gone

For we knew it not wise
To get too attached
To this little snowman
We had ourselves hatched

The Carolina sun
Did it’s job quickly
And our spunky snowman
Began to look sickly

By late afternoon
I was rather forlorn
Since all that was left
Was the hat he had worn

Carpe diem must be
The moral of this story
I do hope it wasn’t
Too sad or too gory

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Snow in November?

Snow in SC
On November one
I do not think
That’s very much fun

Close the windows
Turn on the heat
I do not think
Winter’s so neat

My nose is running
My feet are cold
I do not think
On winter I’m sold

Put on a sweater
Dig out my mittens
I do not think
With winter I’m smitten

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Until Next Year

Fall is arriving
Winter is near
And so that means
That I can’t be here

The unheated shack
Is perfect for summer
But I hate the cold
I think it’s a bummer

The mice will take over
While we’re away
Without my cat guarding
They get to play

The garden perennials
Will grow without care
Next spring when I’m back
They’ll already be there

The snow will settle
On lawn and on roof
In Vermont in the winter
There’s never enoof

One last canoe paddle
Then we bring in the dock
The birds are flying south
Flock after flock

I’m headed there also
But Vermont, never fear
Like the birds I’ll be back again
See ya’ next year

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Too Little Too Late

A wedding in Puerto Rico
Would have been fun
By this point in winter
I’d like some more sun

We wanted to see
A cousin get hitched
But due to the weather
That plan got ditched

Flying this weekend
Had been the goal
But we ended up with
All this stupid snow

Winter storms brewed
Snow here and snow there
Flights were cancelled
About everywhere

We got to the airport
And waited and waited
That outfit I packed
Began to get dated

E-ticket in hand
Was still not enough
We still had to check
A bag of our stuff

The security gate hurdle
Was hard to believe
A longer line of people
I could not conceive

Then we ran with our luggage
Not my best skill
We ran really fast
We tried hard, but still

The door had closed
When we got to the gate
We waved at our plane
Two minutes too late

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No Leaf Peeping for Me

How can it be
A friend asked me
That you left V.T.
When on every tree
The leaves turned orange?

I told that friend
Summer’s at end
Weather doesn’t bend
Winter it will send
To shacks with no heat

Leaf peeping now
But wait, and pow!
With snow on each bough
You’ll need a big plow
And I don’t like cold

S.C. today
Here I will stay
Come whatever may
Say yay or say nay
Until spring springs again

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My poem this week’s a little late
Because I couldn’t concentrate
Busy looking at the weather
I couldn’t get my thoughts together
This weekend: Memorial Day
Is supposed to be for summer play
But in Vermont it’s been so cold
That on Saturday it was so bold
As to snow!
So there you go
My concentration was destroyed
But rather than to be annoyed
I decided it was kind of nice
A bit of winter, at least a slice
It’s warming up again today
Back to what you expect in May

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