No Leaf Peeping for Me

How can it be
A friend asked me
That you left V.T.
When on every tree
The leaves turned orange?

I told that friend
Summer’s at end
Weather doesn’t bend
Winter it will send
To shacks with no heat

Leaf peeping now
But wait, and pow!
With snow on each bough
You’ll need a big plow
And I don’t like cold

S.C. today
Here I will stay
Come whatever may
Say yay or say nay
Until spring springs again

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2 thoughts on “No Leaf Peeping for Me

  1. I will watch the leaves for you
    when the wind takes them
    and blows their colors across the grass
    I will watch the leaves for you
    as they cover the ground
    and wait for the blanket of winter

    North Country> LunaSoffio

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