Time Flies


It happens every time, I say
One hour tops, but not all day

Plant one plant, and two or three seeds
Oh, but now look at all those weeds!

So I weed, and I’ll mulch right now
Else next time I will need a plow

Deadhead that flower, and that one, too
Oh, and look at what all blooms anew!

Now where was I? Finding shears for pruning
Indeed, there’s always something needs doing

And thus another day has passed
I’ve spent in the garden. It won’t be my last.

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No Deadlines, Please

To write fast
Would be a blast
But based on my history, and my past
I get on a roll, but it does not last

I write slow
That’s how the words flow
Sometimes it makes me rather low
But that’s just how these things go

Ignoring time
And my own deadlines
I sit and worry, and away do pine
To get the phrasing perfect and sublime

No deadlines
No, I am not inclined
To schedule writing to specific times
And that’s the end of this here rhyme

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The Twittering Blues of a Twittering Fool

My time lately I have been frittering
Because I spend it all on twittering

Tweeting I guess is the proper word
At first I found it rather absurd

But it ‘s a hoot and a blast, and now I like it
So much so that I can’t seem to quit

My novel needs writing and there’s dishes to do
Just one more tweet I say, and then I’ll be through

And don’t get me started on my follower quest
I’ll reach 10,000, and then maybe rest

140 characters to say something new
Yep. I’m addicted, I admit it, it’s true

@cbmysteries is the handle I’m using
Come on by if followers you’re choosing

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A four-day weekend sure has been nifty
And since I don’t shop Black Friday
I’ve even been thrifty

The cat likes it when her people are home to stay
I think she gets unhappy
When we are away

We ate lots of turkey and leftovers, too
Despite many long walks
Our stomachs likely grew

Of course all that turkey did make me quite sleepy
I can’t remember when I took naps
Or slept nearly so deeply

No shortage of TV football did my hubby lack
And I read a mystery
From the front to the back

Some time to waste time is indeed swell
Tomorrow is Monday: A thought on which
I care not to dwell

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