Lightning Writing

Right now I am working on something called JANO
It’s crazy exciting and here is the plan-o

A bunch of writers make valiant attempts
To each write a mystery novel, no matter how unkempt

In the space of one month, in Jan to be specific
We’re to each write a book, no matter how horrific

50,000 words total, all in 31 days
We’ll likely survive, but in a bit of a haze

We’re plugging away and doing quite well
The team spirit of it all puts us under a spell

Me? Lo and behold I’ve finished my rough draft!
Although when I re-read it, I know it will be daft

But that’s okay, that’s what February’s for
To start on revising, revising, and revising some more

So thank you, Sleuth’s Inc for giving me the incentive
To write this fast and be so inventive!

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From Soup to Nuts

First dinner party in our new place
It was nice to have plenty of space

Our other dining room was not nearly so roomy
But with plenty of elbow room, no need to be gloomy

Our broccoli soup is always enjoyed
And so easy to make without getting annoyed

Hubby as usual was in charge of the roast
And me? I made some bruschetta toasts

We forgot about the carrots, but never fear
Lo and behold, we have a microwave here!

Earlier that day I baked brownies for dessert
Adding ice cream and chocolate sauce never does hurt

Last but not least we sipped on some port
And with this morning’s poem you now have my report.

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Green Thumb, Here I Come

Hip, hip hooray
Our indoor garden begins today

For a long time, we’ve wanted one
And in our new place, we have lots of sun

Some cactus plants is how we will start
We want easy, since we’re not very smart

Cacti like dry and lots of neglect
To novices like us, that means perfect

Cast Iron plants we also will use
Because, you guessed it, they thrive on abuse

We might try some stuff a bit more fragile
But probably not for a very long while

We have lots of pots and other things we need
And with a little luck, our plants might succeed.

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Betty’s Morning Routine

In the morning when I’m still in bed
Betty the Cat sits down on my head
Thus telling me she wants to be fed

And if I keep sleeping and show little care
Betty the Cat starts licking my hair
In our breakfast time struggles she thinks this is fair

The hair-thing to me seems weird, indeed
But Betty the Cat does have her needs
And so I get up and dish out her feed

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