Lightning Writing

Right now I am working on something called JANO
It’s crazy exciting and here is the plan-o

A bunch of writers make valiant attempts
To each write a mystery novel, no matter how unkempt

In the space of one month, in Jan to be specific
We’re to each write a book, no matter how horrific

50,000 words total, all in 31 days
We’ll likely survive, but in a bit of a haze

We’re plugging away and doing quite well
The team spirit of it all puts us under a spell

Me? Lo and behold I’ve finished my rough draft!
Although when I re-read it, I know it will be daft

But that’s okay, that’s what February’s for
To start on revising, revising, and revising some more

So thank you, Sleuth’s Inc for giving me the incentive
To write this fast and be so inventive!

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