Hello Vermont

When we get to Vermont
The first thing we do
Is put in our dock
And when we are through
We find the paddles
And hop in the canoe

When we get to Vermont
It’s usually late May
Although I’m a Vermonter
What can I say?
I don’t like cold weather
So until spring I’m away

When we get to Vermont
We sweep out the shack
Scare away the mice
And tell them we’re back
We buy a few groceries
And then we unpack

When we get to Vermont
The lake is unfrozen
A better spot for our shack
We could not have chosen
Got frolicking to do
So this poem I’m closin’

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Binoculars Bereft

Trying to rhyme
But driven to distraction
By all the Puerto Rican
Birds in full action

No bird book with me
But I’ll try to tackle
More than just these
Antillean grackles

Several shorebirds
Tend to be white
The egrets I can
Identify by sight

But two other white birds
One is much smaller
And the other white one
Is bigger and taller

The mourning doves
Like it here, too
I didn’t expect them
But have seen quite a few

Pelicans coast by
The biggest in size
In fact, they’re so huge
They get my size prize

A big grey guy hopped past
The hotel room last night
Alas, I could not
Name him by sight

A pair of green parrot things
And I do mean bright green
I’ll look them up later
To know what I’ve seen

The Baltimore oriole
Was a long way from home
I suppose in the winter
Southward they roam?

And terns of some sort
I think that’s what I saw
Several little chicks
With their paw and their maw

Binoculars and bird book
I’ll remember next time
Cuz all these Puerto Rican birds
Have been downright sublime

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Life in a Vermont Shack

Summer is
My favorite season
Listen up
To hear the reason

I go to Vermont 
Where I have this shack
Fancy amenities
It sure does lack

This shack of mine
Is on a lake
A setting like that
Ain’t hard to take

On the porch
I sit and sit
Do I get bored?
No, not one bit

The waterfowl
Make me happy
Sometimes I get
Downright sappy

The dock is small
But I like it a lot
In the whole wide world
It’s my favorite spot

Two weeks from now
I’ll pack the car
A very long trip
I’ll travel far

But boy it’s worth
The effort it takes
To get to Vermont
And be at the lake

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Voila, C’est Paris!

It wasn’t something
We were looking for
But we found this map
For sale in a store
Old time Paris
Hey, what a score!

We bought the thing
With no wall wide enough
And we packed it away
With some other stuff
Keeping it perfect
Was a little bit tough

It’s twenty-five pieces
Have I mentioned that yet?
We waited for years
And our dream condo we did get
We had a wall for Paris
We were pleased and all set!

But now our challenge
Was how best to hang it
We now had the space
But it’s 25 pieces, dang it!
We faced that wall
With our hammer and banged it

We got the thing up
With much trepidation
And now when we see it
We are filled with elation
Turgot’s Plan De Paris
What a creation!

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