Voila, C’est Paris!

It wasn’t something
We were looking for
But we found this map
For sale in a store
Old time Paris
Hey, what a score!

We bought the thing
With no wall wide enough
And we packed it away
With some other stuff
Keeping it perfect
Was a little bit tough

It’s twenty-five pieces
Have I mentioned that yet?
We waited for years
And our dream condo we did get
We had a wall for Paris
We were pleased and all set!

But now our challenge
Was how best to hang it
We now had the space
But it’s 25 pieces, dang it!
We faced that wall
With our hammer and banged it

We got the thing up
With much trepidation
And now when we see it
We are filled with elation
Turgot’s Plan De Paris
What a creation!

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