Thank You, Suzanne Collins

The reader in me
Always feels sorry
When she comes to the end
Of a really good story

The Hunger Games Trilogy
Is one such saga
And of YA novels
I’ve never been gaga

But at every plot
Twist and turn
I read faster and faster
Hoping to learn

What happened next
Then after that, what?
Yep, I’ve become
A Hunger Games nut

But I’ve slowed down
This last little bit
If my favorite characters die
I might have a fit

There are some books
I wish I had written
Of Katniss’s story
I am truly smitten

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Neat-Nick Not

I hate clutter,
Filth, and disarray
In fact, I’m a neat-nick
My hubby would say

But when it comes to tidiness
My standard is double
My house might be spotless
But my car’s full of rubble

The poor thing gets washed
Once a year if it’s lucky
And the inside is worse
In a word, downright mucky

When I can’t find the pedals
I gather the trash
But more often than that
Would be rather rash

My houseguests will find
Everything in its place
But in my car their feet
Will fight trash for some space.

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Who’s the Boss

When winter comes
I need extra heat
So I put a space heater
At the foot of my feet

Betty the cat
Has figured it out
If I don’t want to share
She will start to pout

She hops on my chair
And makes herself comfy
But soon she decides
That’s still not enuffy

With all her might
She prods and pushes
This chair is too small
For both of our tushes

Tired of fighting
The cat for some space
I get up and move
I do know my place

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An Epic on Errands

Running errands
Is a funny saying
Cuz it seems to me
There’s always much delaying

Running means speedy,
Efficient, and fast
I wish it were so
Then it would be a blast

If according to plan
Every errand got done
If that really happened
Running errands might be fun

But when I do errands
I don’t win any races
Getting junk done
Puts me through my paces

Drop off the laundry
And fill up the gas tank
A stop at the P.O.
And then maybe to the bank

It doesn’t sound hard
In fact, it should be easy
But inevitably
These chores make me queasy

The traffic’s absurd
There’s a line at the P.O.
It always happens
By now you’d think I’d know

Exactly what I need
The drug store never has
And what was everyone’s problem
At the station getting gas?

After I buy groceries
Of course the rain begins
As I struggle with the cart
It hits me in the shins

I finally make it home
In one piece, more or less
Did I get my errands done?
On that please take a guess

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