Make Room for Betty

You would think
That by now I’d learn
That in bed
When I toss and turn

Every toss gives
The cat more space
At every turn
She does replace

Where my legs were
Under the covers
With her own bulk
If she had her druthers

One tiny small spot
I’d be given
Betty the cat says
Now that’s livin’!

A queen-sized bed
Lets me stretch way, way out
But my poor human
Does tend to pout

She insists that she get
At least half of the bed
What silly ideas
Cindy gets in her head!

So she actually moves me
And I’m forced to share
And Cindy insists
That this is fair!

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Who’s the Boss

When winter comes
I need extra heat
So I put a space heater
At the foot of my feet

Betty the cat
Has figured it out
If I don’t want to share
She will start to pout

She hops on my chair
And makes herself comfy
But soon she decides
That’s still not enuffy

With all her might
She prods and pushes
This chair is too small
For both of our tushes

Tired of fighting
The cat for some space
I get up and move
I do know my place

All Rights Reserved