Who’s the Boss

When winter comes
I need extra heat
So I put a space heater
At the foot of my feet

Betty the cat
Has figured it out
If I don’t want to share
She will start to pout

She hops on my chair
And makes herself comfy
But soon she decides
That’s still not enuffy

With all her might
She prods and pushes
This chair is too small
For both of our tushes

Tired of fighting
The cat for some space
I get up and move
I do know my place

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1 thought on “Who’s the Boss

  1. LOL, what a great poem! A terrific way to start my day! I’m especially impressed with your rhyming abilities and the way you use words that aren’t usually used by most people. Your bravery is admirable. Most of all, focussing on your cat’s behavior and preferences is a wise choice when sharing your work with others.
    Anyway, very funny! I love it, though Schrödinger was a little dubious. You’ve acquired a new, devoted fan! Thanks for sharing.

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