An Epic on Errands

Running errands
Is a funny saying
Cuz it seems to me
There’s always much delaying

Running means speedy,
Efficient, and fast
I wish it were so
Then it would be a blast

If according to plan
Every errand got done
If that really happened
Running errands might be fun

But when I do errands
I don’t win any races
Getting junk done
Puts me through my paces

Drop off the laundry
And fill up the gas tank
A stop at the P.O.
And then maybe to the bank

It doesn’t sound hard
In fact, it should be easy
But inevitably
These chores make me queasy

The traffic’s absurd
There’s a line at the P.O.
It always happens
By now you’d think I’d know

Exactly what I need
The drug store never has
And what was everyone’s problem
At the station getting gas?

After I buy groceries
Of course the rain begins
As I struggle with the cart
It hits me in the shins

I finally make it home
In one piece, more or less
Did I get my errands done?
On that please take a guess

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