Shameless Self-Promotion

At times it seemed
Most inconceivable
But I’m glad to say
That Unbelievable

Is close to done
It’s nearly complete
In case you’ve been waiting
At the edge of your seat

Probably not
But if you are wondering
This series is about
Cassie Baxter’s blundering

She lives with her father
In a house that’s bright green
A quirkier place
You never have seen

The neighbors are nosey
They drive Cassie nuts
She’s a little bit testy
But boy, she has guts

Lake Elizabeth is
The quaint rural setting
You’ll like it a lot
And this I am betting

The dogs and the goats
Will win over your heart
And now I am hoping
You can’t wait to start!

All Rights Reserved

p.s. Unbelievable, the first book in the Cassie Baxter Mysteries series will be available in a few short weeks. Stay tuned, and tell all your friends!

The Cassie Baxter Mysteries: Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water is blue, the mountains are green, and the redhead is dead. And missing. Cassie Baxter must have been nuts to move to this place. She was even nuttier to move in with her father. Finding that redhead wasn’t so brilliant, either. And then losing the body? Truly nuts. Cassie has witnesses, but what a shocker, the goats aren’t talking. On the slim chance that someone, somewhere, someday will believe her, Cassie starts sleuthing. Her annoying father annoys her every step of the way. But the mad scientist next door seems helpful, and Cassie uncovers all kinds of interesting tidbits. Skeletons in closets, ghosts in attics. Everyone in this town has a secret or two. That sexy scientist alone has about a dozen. Figures. But don’t underestimate Cassie Baxter. Size ten trouble on a size five foot, she’ll solve the mystery of the missing redhead. Some unhappy murderer is about to be undone. Unbelievable.


Four Play Soon, Someday

It will be done in September, I say
And then I work on it day after day

When I’ll be through, nobody knows
This is how writing a book for me goes

Rough draft stinks, nothing new there
When I re-read it I try not to swear

It calls for revision, three times at least
Before I am at all with it pleased

Then some friends will read it through
Giving me more ideas to think of anew

But soon after that the book will be done
Ready to see the light of the sun

This one’s called Four Play, due out real soon
But please don’t expect it tomorrow at noon

All Rights Reserved

April: Better Known as National Poetry Month

A poem every week
Thought I’d give it a shot
And as it turns out
I like it a lot

On Sunday mornings
I jot down a ditty
I try to be funny
Or mildly witty

It’s been over a year
Seems I’ve had some luck
A poem every week
To my vow I have stuck

In fact, I like it
This rhyming of words
Poetry is no longer
Just for the birds

And now poetry has
A month’s celebration
I’m kind of surprised
But full of elation

Thus April must be
The right time to publish
My collection of poems
No matter what rubbish

My goal is to have it
Ready before May
So putting them in order
Is my goal for today

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