Four Play, The Poem

This week I have
Something to shout
My fourth novel Four Play
Is published and out
It took a whole year
And at times I did pout

But now I can smile
Since Four Play is here
Want to know more?
Well, please do not fear
In the fourth Cue Ball Mystery
These issues appear

There’s a murder of course
And Jimmy Beak plays a part
Jessie’d like to get rid of him
It would be a good start
And how does she do that?
Don’t worry, she’s smart

Bad plumbing also
Is a recurring theme
This may sound boring
But it’s not what it seems
It involves sci fi monsters
Who make people scream!

But now I have told you
As much as I plan
So go buy the book, silly
It’s at Amazan
You’ll like it a lot
Please tell all your clan

All rights reserved

Four Play Soon, Someday

It will be done in September, I say
And then I work on it day after day

When I’ll be through, nobody knows
This is how writing a book for me goes

Rough draft stinks, nothing new there
When I re-read it I try not to swear

It calls for revision, three times at least
Before I am at all with it pleased

Then some friends will read it through
Giving me more ideas to think of anew

But soon after that the book will be done
Ready to see the light of the sun

This one’s called Four Play, due out real soon
But please don’t expect it tomorrow at noon

All Rights Reserved