Proper ID Required

A rose is still a rose

By any other name.

But if Rose gets mislabeled Samantha

The author is to blame

The Charlie I was so sure of

Informs me about mid way

That really deep down inside himself

He’s always been a Jay

Syd’s Bar and Grill on Finch Street

Never seemed quite right

The bar became Beau’s Bistro

And the happy hour brewski turned into a red wine flight.

I struggle with accurate naming

A good moniker means a lot

Since a character misidentified

Can really mess up a plot

Research Is Not So Poetic

Research: a nuisance, a challenge, a chore

The part of writing I find rather a bore

But this week I’ve been Googling, Googling galore

To learn about Hawaii and all of its lore

My WIP is set in that state

And what’s really great?

So is a movie

Starring George Clooney

My mystery should be funnier.

But trust me, the research will never be sunnier.