A four-day weekend sure has been nifty
And since I don’t shop Black Friday
I’ve even been thrifty

The cat likes it when her people are home to stay
I think she gets unhappy
When we are away

We ate lots of turkey and leftovers, too
Despite many long walks
Our stomachs likely grew

Of course all that turkey did make me quite sleepy
I can’t remember when I took naps
Or slept nearly so deeply

No shortage of TV football did my hubby lack
And I read a mystery
From the front to the back

Some time to waste time is indeed swell
Tomorrow is Monday: A thought on which
I care not to dwell

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Talking Turkey: An Ode to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving recipe options today we explore
Perusing food magazines and internet resources galore
To my gourmet-minded hubby I humbly implore
Let’s keep it simple–remember less is really more
And the last time we got carried away we dropped the turkey on the floor

He argues no guest that year headed for the door
In fact, he says, he recollects that for sure
Those people liked the bird so much they clamored for more, more, more, more!

The fiasco that’s become the stuff of legend and lore
Was the year I ordered a free-range jobby, like, two weeks before
But when I went to pick it up at the health-food store
That fourteen pound turkey which I thought I would score
Was only a seven-pounder, and boy did I roar
I’m feeding six people! I need more, more, more more!

With a bird that small our Thanksgiving would have failed
So with much arguing and ado, over the butcher I prevailed
And at least a ten pound turkey I finally nailed
Thus, along with all our side dishes, through the holiday we sailed
Indeed, our sweet potato pie that year was heralded and hailed
So even with that measly little turkey our meal was not derailed

Oh, and while I’ve been distracted by this poem and not looking
Hubby’s been planning what we’ll be cooking
Trust me, a restaurant reservation we need not be booking

Happy Thanksgiving

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The Insomnia Blues

2am and I’m awake
Anxiety and dread I cannot shake

2am and I can’t sleep
From the rest of the world I hear not a peep

2am: Is that the bewitching hour?
Maybe I should get up and step in the shower

2am and I’m turning and tossing
Is this what I get for forgetting to flossing?

2am and the cat’s watching me
Maybe I should get up and at least try to pee

2am and Hubby sleeps soundly
Sometimes I get jealous, profoundly, yes profoundly

2am and the room is too hot
I kick in frustration at all the blankets I got

2am and now it is freezing
Oh great! Now I’m having a fit of some sneezing

2am and I give up on resting
I’ll work on my novel and consider it a blessing.

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