The Insomnia Blues

2am and I’m awake
Anxiety and dread I cannot shake

2am and I can’t sleep
From the rest of the world I hear not a peep

2am: Is that the bewitching hour?
Maybe I should get up and step in the shower

2am and I’m turning and tossing
Is this what I get for forgetting to flossing?

2am and the cat’s watching me
Maybe I should get up and at least try to pee

2am and Hubby sleeps soundly
Sometimes I get jealous, profoundly, yes profoundly

2am and the room is too hot
I kick in frustration at all the blankets I got

2am and now it is freezing
Oh great! Now I’m having a fit of some sneezing

2am and I give up on resting
I’ll work on my novel and consider it a blessing.

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