Hot Chocolate Repast

When it gets colder
Than I would like it
Hubby makes cocoa
And then he spikes it

Hot milk and chocolate
Would be fine enough
But Hubby adds other
Really good stuff

He throws in a dash
Of cocoa-chili blend
Hope we find more of it
When this jars ends

Remove from the stove
And then the fun starts
We debate with each other
What would most warm our hearts

A pour of Sambuca
Works well, I think
Hubby prefers rum
To be put in his drink

Sipping this stuff
Warms me right up
If not for the calories
I’d drink cup after cup

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Shoe Shopping 101

I went to the shoe store
For gold pointy-toed
But something far different
Was to me sold

For a wedding next month
I wanted something formal
And instead ended up
With practical and normal

Gold pointy-toed
Seems not the current style
But in what I did buy
I’ll walk mile after mile

My old walking shoes
Have seen lots of wear
And so I was ready
To get a new pair

But shoes for this wedding?
My quest must continue
And here concludes the poem
Of my latest shopping issue

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Stormy Weather

Driving in the driving rain
Was a huge and big fat pain

Especially annoying
I didn’t know where I was going

And of course is was dark
I would have rather stopped and park

But I was expected at this event
An invitation I was sent

And indeed I wanted to go
Oh well, at least it didn’t snow

I made it there in one piece
But the rain never did cease

I got back in my car stalwart
And prepared in the storm to depart

Oh great, we now had fog
But I got a topic for this week’s blog

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Concession Obsession Confession

This week’s embarrassing
Poetic confession
I go to the movies
For the concessions

And let’s make it
A bit more specific
I think movie popcorn
Is really terrific

Butter and salt?
Please pile it on
I’ll eat every kernel
Until it’s all gone

Popcorn I get
In large-supersized
The amount I can eat
Leaves people surprised

Hubby says
We’re married, let’s share
I say No way,
It wouldn’t be fair

You’d go for a handful
I’d push you away
I’m warning you all
To heed what I say

I really do need
A bucket all for me
And then I’ll be quiet
And watch the movie

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