Stormy Weather

Driving in the driving rain
Was a huge and big fat pain

Especially annoying
I didn’t know where I was going

And of course is was dark
I would have rather stopped and park

But I was expected at this event
An invitation I was sent

And indeed I wanted to go
Oh well, at least it didn’t snow

I made it there in one piece
But the rain never did cease

I got back in my car stalwart
And prepared in the storm to depart

Oh great, we now had fog
But I got a topic for this week’s blog

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2 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Loved to read it on this date
    Glad I found a brand new mate.

    Weather here be just as bad,
    makes me feel so very sad.
    Must go now some tweets to whine, but here today the sun doth shine.

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