Blog Fog

Every Sunday
I promise a rhyme
But what’s been happening
Much of the time

Before I know it
Sunday is here
And it’s happened again
Just as I feared

I have no topic
For this week’s blog
A poem about what?
My mind is a fog

No subject strikes me
Any theme fly away
So my lack of ideas
Is the theme for today

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Stormy Weather

Driving in the driving rain
Was a huge and big fat pain

Especially annoying
I didn’t know where I was going

And of course is was dark
I would have rather stopped and park

But I was expected at this event
An invitation I was sent

And indeed I wanted to go
Oh well, at least it didn’t snow

I made it there in one piece
But the rain never did cease

I got back in my car stalwart
And prepared in the storm to depart

Oh great, we now had fog
But I got a topic for this week’s blog

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A Blog About Fog

For my poem for my blog
I will write about fog

It rolled in last night
Quite a magical sight

Hubby went to sleep
But watch I did keep

Out the window I looked
‘Cuz on fog I am hooked

The street light’s eerie aura
I myself could not ignora

On my imagination’s insistence
I gazed off into the distance

All misty and gray
The fog lingered til day

Darn! But now it’s lifting
And my mood it is shifting

Less dreamy and hazy
I can no longer be lazy

A bright sunny day forecasted
The fog was fun while it lasted

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