Get Lost

You can’t miss it!
Well, take a guess what
The phrase fills me with fear
And puts knots in my gut

If there’s a way to get lost
That’s all I will find
The landmark’s dissappeared
Drives me out of my mind

The GPS system
On my fancy smart-phone
Generally speaking
Can get me back home

But it does make mistakes
That’s what I think
And I find myself lost
Before my eyes blink

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Economy Class Gal

Hubby says I’m crazy
But this is how I feel
An upgrade to first class
Is really no big deal
A fancy hotel?
Or extravagant meal?
Oh yes, I find them
Most pleasant and surreal

But first-class flying
Does little for me
Since they seldom offer
Much of anything for free
Got upgraded for our recent
Trip to the sea
For breakfast we got pretzels
And a cup of coffee

Pretzels and potato chips
You read that right
They hung up our jackets
But that isn’t quite
Such a huge amazing
Incredible delight
Holding my own jacket’s
Not a great plight

So yes, I’ll take the upgrade
When they’re giving them away
But for such great “luxury”
I doubt I’ll ever pay
I’d rather splurge on something
When I get to where I’ll stay
Now they’re calling my “zone” for home
So I’d better not delay

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The Travellin’ Shoes Blues

The greens of summer
Have turned to autumn hues
And colder nights
Offer some distinct clues
Yep, it’s high time
I don my travellin’ shoes

I love it lots
But the shack’s got no heat
So if I sit here
On my stubborn cold seat
I’ll need snow boots
For my size six feet

So I will leave
My beloved shack
But fear not, Vermont
For I will be back
Next year in May
If all goes on track

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Have Cat Carrier, Will Travel

The world is Betty’s oyster
She wants to see it all
Mention of a road trip
And she knows she’ll have a ball

Betty is a cat who
Likes to be on the go
Her whiskers get all twitchy
And her tail swishes to and fro

She hops into her cat carrier
And we put her in the car
But she meows to be set free
Before we’ve gotten very far

After poking around the back seat
She’s ready for a nap
The sun shining through the windshield
She settles on passenger’s lap

When the car stops for gas
Betty knows her place
With no prompting from her people
She re-enters her carrier space

At the hotel eventually we arrive
And Betty approves the room
After a brief stop at her litter box
Around and around she zooms

She finds a cozy window sill
Where she presides during the day
She enjoys her new surroundings
While her people go out to play

The road trip over and done with
Her cat carrier tucked away
Betty rests up on her home turf
Ready to travel some other day

News From Barcelona

In Barcelona for a week
So new experiences I do seek

Liking Spain and learning a lot
So far, this is what I’ve got:

Gaudi is the hero
Of straight lines, he likes zero

His Park Guell
Is downright swell

And the Sagrada Familia?
Ma Ma Mamilia!

Eating lots of Tapas
At several charming placas

Placas are the city squares
And Tapas is the city’s fare

Sardines first thing in the morning
Might become habit-forming

Today I saw Port Vell
Then on to El Ravel

But the Barri Gotic
Is for me the most chic


No poem last week, too busy driving
The two day trek to Vermont, where I’m now thriving

Gardening, canoeing, and writing galore
How I’ll spend my summer, of that I am sure

Our shack up here we’ve named Daydream Cottage
Hubby and cat and I love it a lottage

The porch is where I’m at most of the time
Watching ducks and loons, all most sublime

The internet is hit or miss, with no TV at all
So much seclusion and quiet. I’m having a ball!

Hip Hip Hooray

I’m running away–in one week I’ll be free
The semester is ending and my heart fills with glee
Some final exams and then graduation. Tee-hee!

Students would be scandalized, if they did know
How doing without them makes my heart glow
Okay, so my incentive to teach is at an all time low

Blame me if you wish, but please get out of my way
Summer is upon us and I ain’t wasting a day
Worrying about work. It is time to play.

Hip hip hooray!

Don’t Be Cross at Spanish Moss

Biking on Jekyll Island one is bound
To see Spanish Moss all around
It’s everywhere, everywhere, from sky to ground

It hangs in high branches and falls out of trees
Sometimes it just swings up there, enjoying the breeze

For some reason palm trees are devoid of the stuff
But live oaks? Let me tell you, they can’t get enough

What’s amazingly terrific?
Spanish Moss is epiphytic
It causes no alarming harm
But only adds disarming charm