Economy Class Gal

Hubby says I’m crazy
But this is how I feel
An upgrade to first class
Is really no big deal
A fancy hotel?
Or extravagant meal?
Oh yes, I find them
Most pleasant and surreal

But first-class flying
Does little for me
Since they seldom offer
Much of anything for free
Got upgraded for our recent
Trip to the sea
For breakfast we got pretzels
And a cup of coffee

Pretzels and potato chips
You read that right
They hung up our jackets
But that isn’t quite
Such a huge amazing
Incredible delight
Holding my own jacket’s
Not a great plight

So yes, I’ll take the upgrade
When they’re giving them away
But for such great “luxury”
I doubt I’ll ever pay
I’d rather splurge on something
When I get to where I’ll stay
Now they’re calling my “zone” for home
So I’d better not delay

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