Party Pooper

A party here
A party there
This and that
Holiday affair
They all were fun
But now I swear
As an introvert
I must beware
Of too many parties
Just say I’m square
But afterwards
I sit and stare
At nothing much
Into thin air
Happy to be back
In my own quiet lair

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Peanut Butter Blues

Hubby and I mostly
Eye to eye see
But here’s a few places
We do not agree

For peanut butter I
Like Skippy that’s creamy
But Hubby thinks nutty
And natural’s dreamy

Christmas carols
I like the tried and true
But Hubby likes snazzy
Jazzy and new

For toothpaste he uses
The bitterest flavors
But give me more sweetened
My taste never wavers

An umbrella is something
We never do share
The right height for me
Will poke in his hair

But held up for Hubby
Who’s six feet-one tall
I get as wet as
No umbrella at all

I use three pillows
Big, full and fluffy
One flat, flimsy thing’s
For hubby’s enoughy

We’ve learned to accept
Each other’s quirks
To each his own
A motto that works

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No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree

This time of year
A sight common to see
Some people love
To put up a tree
The holiday spirit
Fills them with glee
Decorating their house

From bottom to top
Some enthusiasts
Don’t like to stop
They fill every corner
With green and red glop

To all that clutter
Silver bells and mistletoe
Some say yes
But I say no, no
At Christmas my house
Has little to show

I’m not such a scrooge
Oh, what the heck
I scattered colored lights
All over the deck
And inside you’ll find
A few Santa specks

Hubby helped hang
A wreath on the door
Betty the cat likes her
Santa toy on the floor
And my gargoyles are garlanded
Who really needs more?

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Ode to Pacific Beach

When I die
My ghost will roam
In several places
I’ve called home

One such spot
Is San Diego
A city I left
A long time ago

Hard to believe
How young I was
When I went to CA
Just because

Decades later
Returned this week
Thought the memories
Would make me freak

Showed off to Hubby
My old stompin’ spots
But lo and behold
I still loved it lots

Kate Sessions park
And Mexican food
Here, there, and everywhere
Some surfer dude

Mission Bay
And Crystal Pier
Glad I spent
My youth right here

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