Until Next Year

Fall is arriving
Winter is near
And so that means
That I can’t be here

The unheated shack
Is perfect for summer
But I hate the cold
I think it’s a bummer

The mice will take over
While we’re away
Without my cat guarding
They get to play

The garden perennials
Will grow without care
Next spring when I’m back
They’ll already be there

The snow will settle
On lawn and on roof
In Vermont in the winter
There’s never enoof

One last canoe paddle
Then we bring in the dock
The birds are flying south
Flock after flock

I’m headed there also
But Vermont, never fear
Like the birds I’ll be back again
See ya’ next year

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The Apple

Sitting here
Feeling tortured
Cuz nothing rhymes
With apple orchard

And apples is
Another word
To rhyme something with
Is hard and absurd

But hubby said
Write today’s ditty
About the orchard we saw
But this ain’t pretty

And so about apples
You’ve learned nothing new
And I’m happy to say
This apple poem’s through

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Taking Flight With All Their Might

The goslings who
All summer I’ve been spying
Just this week
Have taken to flying

They practice often
With Dad and Mom
Who are concerned
For wings to grow strong

Flying in silence
Must be no fun at all
So they honk-honk away
And to Mom and Dad call

Look at me! Look at me!
See what I can do
I’ll be part of the flock
When summer is through

Where they’ll fly then
I really know not
But watching them grow up
Makes me smile a lot

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Paddle Poetry

The moon is full
And oh so bright
And much to my
Supreme delight

The lake is calm
And oh so still
A perfect night
For a rare thrill

The temperature’s warm
No wind whatsoever
And so my hubby
Who’s oh so clever

Suggested we paddle
Out in our canoe
To look at the moon
And enjoy the view

Ducks paddle with us
The loons are calling
For extra magic
Some stars are falling

Paddling by moonlight
What a pleasure
Nights like this
I really do treasure

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A Happy Ending, Promise!

Life in a Vermont shack
Has all kinds of charm
So imagine my chagrin
When the goldfinch came to harm

He flew into my porch
Yesterday at dawn
And plop, down he fell
Right onto the lawn

So still he was
I thought he had died
Oh, I can’t stand it!
To hubby I cried

But when I kneeled down
To lament his demise
Goldfinch looked up at me
And blinked his little eyes

I gently propped him up
On his little bird feet
But he fell over again
On his little bird seat

He didn’t look injured
His wings seemed intact
And he wasn’t bleeding
As a matter of fact

His beak looked okay
Eventually he stood upright
He held still for so long
I was really uptight

But then he started
Looking around
And ruffled his feathers
At each little sound

I wish I took his picture
But I worried he was dying
So happy was I
When he finally went flying!

I saw him light
On a nearby maple
So there’s the happy ending
To this hair-raising fable

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