Older and Wiser

When I was young
I could stay up all night
And the next day
Not look half a fright

When I was young
I could climb mountains
Now I go to the park
And stroll by the fountains

When I was young
My clothes all fit right
But nowadays everything
Seems a bit tight

When I was young
Tequila shots I could drink
But now one glass of wine
And straight I can’t think

But being over fifty
Does have its joys
The parties I attend
Have much, much less noise

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The Twittering Blues of a Twittering Fool

My time lately I have been frittering
Because I spend it all on twittering

Tweeting I guess is the proper word
At first I found it rather absurd

But it ‘s a hoot and a blast, and now I like it
So much so that I can’t seem to quit

My novel needs writing and there’s dishes to do
Just one more tweet I say, and then I’ll be through

And don’t get me started on my follower quest
I’ll reach 10,000, and then maybe rest

140 characters to say something new
Yep. I’m addicted, I admit it, it’s true

@cbmysteries is the handle I’m using
Come on by if followers you’re choosing

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Share and Share Alike

Eighteen years and going strong
But in our marriage, no matter how long
There are a few things that hubby and me
Will never be able to concede or agree

On the peanut butter we use with our jelly
We disagree what will go in our belly
Hubby wants his chunky and thick
But give me Skippy or I say ick

And we each use our own separate umbrella
Because hubby is a rather tall fella
If I hold it where it’s good for I
The ribs are apt to poke him in the eye

I’m a Crest gal, I like the gel
But hubby maybe not so well
He like Tom’s brand, not too sweet
So he uses that after he eats

But really we are a pretty good pair
Even though everything we do not share

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April: Better Known as National Poetry Month

A poem every week
Thought I’d give it a shot
And as it turns out
I like it a lot

On Sunday mornings
I jot down a ditty
I try to be funny
Or mildly witty

It’s been over a year
Seems I’ve had some luck
A poem every week
To my vow I have stuck

In fact, I like it
This rhyming of words
Poetry is no longer
Just for the birds

And now poetry has
A month’s celebration
I’m kind of surprised
But full of elation

Thus April must be
The right time to publish
My collection of poems
No matter what rubbish

My goal is to have it
Ready before May
So putting them in order
Is my goal for today

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