It Ain’t For Sissies

The AARP bulletin did cometh this week
Its wisdom I did not know I should seek
But talk about bleak!
With cautious heart and soul most meek
This secret I most reluctantly leak
With pertinent and useful knowledge this newsletter reeked
Goodbye fleeting youth! I’m old now, and freaked!

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Older and Wiser

When I was young
I could stay up all night
And the next day
Not look half a fright

When I was young
I could climb mountains
Now I go to the park
And stroll by the fountains

When I was young
My clothes all fit right
But nowadays everything
Seems a bit tight

When I was young
Tequila shots I could drink
But now one glass of wine
And straight I can’t think

But being over fifty
Does have its joys
The parties I attend
Have much, much less noise

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