Party Hearty

Hosting a party
And they all must be fed
Hubby and I will
Put on a mean spread

Appetizers, desserts
Champagne, beer, and wine
Serve them enough
And all will be fine

Pickled mixed veggies
Is one of our faves
And my guacamole
Always gets raves

I’ll make the biscuits
Hubby cooks ham
Give ‘em something Southern
It’s all in our plan

Water chestnuts in bacon
For something served warm
Forgetting the cheese platter
Would not be good form

Folks with a sweet tooth
Will not be forsaken
Three kinds of cookies
Are all in the makin’

And peanut butter truffles
To add something new
We hope everyone’s happy
When our party is through

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Ode to Champagne

Oh, the horror of it
It happened, it’s true
I opened my fridge
And knew I was through

No champagne!

I searched on the shelf
I checked in the door
I went to the cupboard
Hoping to score

No champagne!

I ran to my neighbor’s
And told her the troubley
I asked if I might borrow
A cupful of bubbly

No champagne!

She searched in her fridge
And double-checked in the door
She went to her cupboard
Hoping to score

No champagne!

Continuing my quest
I hopped into my car
Surely a supply of the stuff
Couldn’t be far?

No champagne!

To the market I hastened
I cut through the crowds
Made a beeline for the wine cooler
And shouted out loud


I bought a dozen bottles
There’s a discount that way
And ignoring the disapproving glances
Stepped up to pay

Oh Champagne!

The refrigerator replenished
My cupboard completed
I raised up my goblet
And this solemn vow repeated

Oh Champagne!

Life is too short
So I shall take a firm stand
To always keep a champagne stash
Chilled and on hand